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Finsbury Park Mosque attack 19 06 2017 (edited thread title)

I am posting this out of genuine curiosity, and in the absence of information from other sources.
A thread about the apparent terror attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque was published [Edit: not by me] and then removed by Mods.
Conversation is continuing in two other threads and is exactly the same conversation that started in the dedicated thread.
It's arguably disrespectful to the serious nature of the Finsbury Park to see it, de facto, tagged to the end of a thread about another attack entirely. The attack is arguably the biggest national news story today so why, please, is there no thread?
Is there a trust issue? Is the thread removal a preemptive damage limitation issue based on fear of our views?
Thank you.
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I thought a mosque was supposed to be a place of religion but there's not even a statue of the Virgin Mary outside. Guy bimbles up in a van hired from a Welsh company and runs into a group of Muslims. It's round the corner from me and that junction would never let you get up to 10 mph. I've been stuck there more and more forever as the busses jam up the road. Get the council to widen the road or close off part of said junction then Allan's enemies can get a real run up. I only hope the popcorn machine in the newsagents wasn't affected. :cool:

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