Finland has Europes largest "artillery piece" store

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by finnisharrse, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Finnish radio and media are reporting that Finland has the largest store of artillery pieces in Europe.

    Of course, its army is a lot smaller but the reserve is quite large for a country of its size.

    Yeah, I know, we are not active NATO members, helping fight GWB's wars and the like but little old Finland does a bit of hand holding for the U.N. and keeps the dilapidated Russian army awake. Cough, allegedly.

    (only a FYI, I did not even think Finland had so much store).
  2. Well Finland did make very good use of its artillery in the 1939 winter war against the Red army. Mind you, a lot depends on the age and servicibility of the individual artillery pieces.
  3. Here is how Finland spends its defence money. I don't know how that compares to other countries though (am supposed to be working so cannot spend time searching.. :)
  4. The UK is apparently one of the biggest defence spenders in the world. However the Ministry of Defence still finds new and interesting ways to waste vast sums of money in the procurement process.

    I too am at work, but luckily most of the British Army finishes at 1200 on friday. My Sergeant Major has already changed into civilian clothes and is clock watching as I type..... 8)
  5. Artillery store you say? How much for a 150mm piece that I can use to bombard the local chavs with?

    Oh, and I'll be needing about 150 HE shells and some form of vehicle to tow said piece with. Unless they can do me a good deal on a SP number.

    Might need some form of anti tank gun to catch them with as they try to flee in their Rover 200's.
  6. Well...FDF did give training to 15 British military persons in Niinisalo garrison, in ISAF OMLT-program (Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team), 4.8-7.8.2008.

    Training was based on Finnish experience with use of Soviet-made 122mm howizer. Aim was to enable British Army to be able to train ANA in Afghanistan better. Finland is also sending a training team to Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team into Afghanistan.
  7. Get your own Rover 200, use it to tow the gun, and tell the Chavs it's a sports muffler - then when they all come in to have a closer look and tell you how fully sick it looks, let it rip!

    I may not have thought this through quite properly...
  8. Well..according to this:

    Weapon holdings (per capita) (most recent) by country:

    Finland: 432,702 per 1 million people gives us 15th place of being armed to teeth...

    So, we do not need artillery to take care of chavs. Gun crime is very low, though.

    USA is puny in comparison:

    #46 United States: 130,313 per 1 million people

    Some other stats:
  9. Ooh, ooh, I want, I really want!!!!!

    .....I've been trying to think how I best present my proposal for a pay rise to my boss and I think my prayers have been answered.
  10. Sardauka... how did the British Army cope in the sauna :)
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