Fingers in the till

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mick4075, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. This happens more frequently than you'd think. Why do you think that the SIB have fraud guys?

    The usual scenario is.......guy runs has gambling machines.....guy has spare time, gets bored, plays gambling machine. Guy develops gambling habit, loses money. Guy genuinly borrows £50 for gambling, to pay back later, it gets out of hand. Guy ends up owing lots of cash. Guy ends up in pokey.
  2. The thing is, you can make a fortune running a bar without getting caught, you could have a smack habit and still have a pocket full of cash. Its only the mongs who don't balance the books who get caught.
  3. It's not even book balancing though is it?
    Buy stuff cheap sell it on at a small profit and you'll make a fucking fortune.
    Guest beers, microwave food even crisps and nuts can be bought at the supermarket and sold on with just a small increase in cost to the customer.
  4. I found (after I got the job as barman in the Sgt mess) that all the PMC (who did the checks) cared about was the missing (sold) stock was paid for every friday and monday. That was the begining and end of his interest as so many previous toms had been dipping their fingers in the till. Anything else could have went straight in the handsome, witty and intelligent stacker's pocket (theoretically of course).
  5. Fucking right mate I couldn't get enough microwave food for Friday and Saturday nights, all I did was buy the same bottles at cost, sold on at club prices small profit on each item sold.
  6. My time running the bar ended up paying for my 21st birthday bash. And all legit too.
  7. Yup, BT-DT, and it works. As I pointed-out over on PPRuNe when the Crabs tried to lay into the 'dirty thieving scumbag Pongos', where was the SFA oversight, if this was an on-camp, (and presumably officially sanctioned), establishment?
  8. You appear to be well versed in the drills.
  9. Of course theoretically, you described a mythical creature!
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  10. Don't think Smudge is on the fiddle, I've seen the way he dresses.
  11. Is it because they have to find something for the ones who are too stupid to solve the murders and assaults to do?
  12. No, they look for stolen TVs
  13. That happened to me as a young soldier in Germany when working as a barman. I shouldnt mention it but the RSM was understanding. He arranged for me to pay back the money in kind. Every Sports afternoon I had to parade in his office where he would take "payment". For some reason I found myself getting deeper into debt as time went on and "paying" back more and more.
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