Fingers in Pies

Is it just me or does anyone elses QM have to indent for more fingers to put in as many pies as possible?  Some QMs just can't let go of that RSM head can they.
Our QM has indented for more pies as well just in case he manages to get all the other pies full of fingers. Wouldn’t be a problem but apparently were not scaled for that many pies.


My Qm ate all the pies we were scaled for, now he sticks his fingers into any pie that comes within sniffing distance!  :D  ::)
My QM's fingers have just arrived you'll all be glad to know.  He really is a busy man.  He's run out of space for fingers, so he's planning on indenting for more heads in order to put more hats on.  He's got the RSM's hat, the Ops hat, the PMC hat and lest we forget the CO's hat.  What a guy.

In some latin counties he'd be known as "Count Busymano"...Totally Busyman....Total Count!
Just nip into the QM offices and drop in a load of demands for outrageous things, like Helicopter tail rotors, or net curtains, it may stop him getting other peoples hair but you’ll have to take one for the team, when he comes to visit you.

I'm more than willing to take one for the team, the only thing is, if I take one from him, he'll probably make me sign a 1033!
Well don't loose it or you'll end up getting P1954'd for wasting time even if it is listed as an expense item

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