Fingers, bolt cutters etc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Yes, I know, not exactly a rag that most of this site's membership would confidently use to wipe their arrses with, but the Daily Ireland (Jarlath Kearney, 22Sep05) in response to recent "Sinister covert operations by British forces in Iraq" came up with this one today: "A fortnight ago, the PFC (Pat Finucane Centre) organised a meeting in London addressed by lawyer Phil Shiner who is representing more than 50 families of Iraqi citizens killed by British forces. Mr Shiner outlined systematic abuse – up to and including murder – practised by British soldiers in Iraq, specifically mentioning the ordering of prisoners to cut off the fingers of other prisoners."

    Now, I did PH and TQ (long ago, and in a green place far away), and I recall being specifically reminded not to do this sort of thing, even if the red mist descended. A little white noise, perhaps. Nor do I recall any recent trials involving Inquisitionary defendants. Does anyone have any idea where the gentle Mr Shiner got this information from?
  2. Did Phil Shiner himself say this?
  3. Remember that Mr Shiner is a lawyer representing his clients. He will of course stick rigidly to the allegations made by his clients, in the same way a defending criminal lawyer would stick to the statements of his client, even if he himself considered him likely to be guilty. As much as I dislike this particular lawyer, I respect that he has to stick to the facts as alledged by his clients.

    However, wtf is he doing giving a presentation to the Pat Finucane Centre???
  4. Apparently. Mind you, this is the paper which predicts that "the controversial soon-to-be published book "Big Joe Egan".... a warts-and-all account of Ireland’s four-times former Irish heavyweight boxing champion who was once was engaged to Michael Flatley’s fiancée Lisa Murphy....(is)... tipped to top the British and Irish best-sellers’ charts this Christmas".
  5. Ahhhhhhhh ok, it's a pinch of salt publication. If Shiner did say it, I expect he'll repeat the allegations at some point...
  6. WTF???

    The soldiers only fired a shot because they were bricking themselves. This article makes it sound like they fired a shot, everybody noticed they were there, then came and gave them a perfectly legitimate shoeing. They then just happen to have been shot dead by the IRA.

    The only similarities I can see is two civvy dressed blokes in a car, spotted and bricking themselves.

    Somebody correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Bits, I totally agree about a lawyer representing his clients but I am not sure how that applies to making a speech at an event organised by a pressure group, such as the Pat Finucane centre.
  8. ahem...