Finger Injury

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Welshboyo, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    about 3 weeks ago I lacerated my right index finger on a piece of glass and have now lost the ability to bend it at the top knuckle (I must mention that I am right handed!). Will this effect me in an officer medical at my RCB because it is my writing hand and potentially my "trigger" finger?

    All repsonses appreciated, Cheers :D
  2. Id say that is something that sounds quite a serious issue. Your best bet is to go to you local careers office and ask them there.
  3. cheers, but you know what the local careers offie is like, they rarely have the answers that you need
  4. I'd suggest the doctors first trigger.

    Left handed / right handed, whether its your trigger finger or the finger you massage an otters G spot with get it sorted by the quack and stop asking bone advice on an internet forum.

    RCB may be a bit above your station if this is your first port of call :D
  5. I apolagise if seems that "RCB may be a bit above your station if this is your first port of call " minister, but I must also say that I resent your comment. Yes I have spoken to a doctor and there is a possibilty that one day i might need surgery, I was just concerned if it would cause any immediate issues. I can still write with it, my main concern is when using a rifle and which finger is used.
  6. I'd re read your post mate...... lets hope they don't test you baby rodneys for spelling?

    Resent it all you want, ask a silly queston you can expect a silly answer. You'll learn that soon enough.

    Allow me to offer you some humble advice though, wind your neck in before someone unwinds it for you.
  7. Thanks for your advice minister, ill make a note!
  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Sheesh just use another finger, it's not like you're going to spend most of your life shooting if you couldn't handle a pen or hold a glass - well then you might be in serious trouble.
  9. Thanks for an sensible answer Schaden. Yeah I can still write and hold a glass (thank god) and I was hoping that "use any other finger" would be the case. I was just concerned in case I failed the medical just because I cant bend the tip of my finger! Thanks alot :D
  10. Why not ask the doctor to see if he can remove your big toe and replace your trigger finger with it.

    Then write to Enfield or whoever knocks together SA 80s nowadays requesting a rifle for a young Rodney with a beadle hand
  11. your doctor could be a a sniff test would be in order!!!!
  12. Did the doc say the loss of motion would be permanent? I had some nerve damage and the movement came back after 6 months or so.. you might be lucky.