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  1. About 2 years ago i got 2 fines and didnt pay on time and it went to court. But ive paid all fines would i have to declare this? If so would it hinder my application alot.
  2. Yes, non-disclosure is called lying. Spent convictions no matter how trivial should be declared. The fines / court appearances may not predjudice your application (depending what they are for - you don't say what!) but not declaring them bears badly on your honesty and integrity.
  3. Well il be damned lol. A fellow Tranmere Fan. ARRSE now truly is awesome hehe.

    As to the poster....My Recruiter said that ya better off informing the army of everything. even the spent stuff. Open and honest approach apparently makes things easier for you in the long run.
  4. You got two fines two years ago so they are still unspent convictions, you have to declare them anyway, if you do not then you wont be getting in when we do the criminal disclosure check that is being brought in imminently ;)

    It is only spent convictions you do not need to disclose unless its specified for the job.

    If you are under 18 and receive a fine the rehab period is 2.5 yrs until it becomes spent and you no longer have to declare it, if you are over 18 it is 5 years, more than two unpsent convictions can be a bar to enlistment until such time as at least one of them is spent.
  5. Fivetodo do you think these 2 trivial convictions will bar me in your opinion?
  6. It wouldnt be the fines that concerned me, i would be looking at the offences as well.

    As long as the fines are paid before you enlist they are not a problem.

    If you already had 2 fines i am assuming you then have 2 unspent convictions, if you then get taken to court for non payment of them fines you then get another conviction which is also unspent.

    Both of your previous convictions then get brought up alongside the new one which will then give you 3 unspent convictions from the date of the conviction for non payment of fines and if you are over 18 all of them will run for 5 years and end at the same time.

    Two unspent convictions is not generally a bar to enlistment and can be processed by a recruiter, any more than two and technically the recruiter would have to apply for special permission to process you, and in doing so they would have to be able to recommend you as a quality applicant that has potential, in the current climate with recruiting going so well (in so much as we are running out of vacancies) it could be hit and miss as to whether or not you would get permission.

    But dont lose hope, each case is decided on merit, but you will almost definitely get asked to nip along to your local Police station to request your disclosure print out, normally costs around £10-15 i think.

    Only when the recruiter has seen that, will they normally fight a case for you, just in case you are telling any pork pies ;)

    The thing is, non payment of fines can also be construed as further disregard for authority, if i was dealing with your application or one of my recruiters i would be expecting you to have been squeaky clean and fully repentant since dropping yourself in the myre ;)
  7. Fivetodo ive paid these fines off over a year and half ago its all cleared. So what is your opinion of this scenario now? And thank you for your help.
  8. That doesnt mean your convictions are spent under the Rehab act, if you want to send me a PM telling me what the convictions were for, when you got each of them then i should be able to advise you better.

    For anyone else reading this, please do not take this as some sort of come on to start sending me your rap sheets, i am not Rumpole of the Bailey or Dixon of Dock Green, i do know how the Rehab act works and what could be considered by an office to issue a Fcuk off tablet to an applicant, but it is only guidance and despite me spending a lot of time on here during the week due working away from home and going home to the wife at the weekend, i do actually spend most of my time on my bed licking my nuts in the Barracks and dont want to be bombarded with something i am going to have to break a sweat over :D

    Peace out! :D
  9. Admit everything. Honesty about past mistakes can be just as good as no past mistakes in the first place.
  10. WOOF! 8)