fined £80 for giving a speed camera the finger

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Minxy, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. They really, really have nothing better to do!!! :roll: :?

  2. :D :D Sounds as though the Esses police seem to have too much time on their hands.

    Sort out existing crime boys, then get on with some easy nicking. Play the game.

  3. Jobsworth bastards
  4. Remember, accepting a fixed penalty ticket is deemed acceptance of the offence,so don't sign and then get them to take you to court,if they dare.
  5. "Remember, accepting a fixed penalty ticket is deemed acceptance of the offence,so don't sign and then get them to take you to court,if they dare. "

    Interestingly the North Wales police carried out an under-age drinking sting recently and out of 71 pubs 68 of them served a girl who was underage (although the licensees claimed she looked at least 20...)

    The police slapped the FPN (£80 fine) on the staff who had served her, and the licensees...... and then asked to take the fingerprints of the staff who had been fined........... in case any of the staff contested their fines!
  6. Not all Force's are as bad as Essex. A pal of mine was stopped on the M27 in Hampshire for a traffic offence. He received a FPN for £30 but received a letter 3 days later to say it was issued in error and the fine was withdrawn!!!..
  7. I think there was a case in Edinburgh were a bloke was rude to a Rozzer and he was arrested for Breach of the Peace (I think it was that). The geezer elected for trial and the Judge acquitted him on the grounds that being rude to a copper was not an offence. OK, its the Scottish Courts, but the precedent is persausive in the English courts.

    However, agreed, the coppers have got their priorities all wrong. Totally. Just look at the Met Commissioner for a start....
  8. A year back Northumbria Police prosecuted nurse Sarah McCaffery for eating an apple while driving:

    She didn't actually do anything other than hold apple and take the odd bite - no pensioners run over or red lights jumped. A few weeks later the local newspaper printed a photograph of some sweaty, lard-arrsed copper eating a burger while driving and nothing more's said.

    A drunk Oxford student gets arrested for calling a Police horse gay:

    To make matters worse the Police insist on taking it to court even though the Criminal Protection Service want to drop the case.

    Makes you laugh really. Obviously not much crime in these places.
  9. Policing By Consent I think is the principle that undermines our Police Forces............. more like Policing Only Those Things We can Be Bothered With and Which Meet Vocal Minority Demands
  10. i've put the finger up to a mobile camera van before and nothing happened to me... won't be doing it again though! didn't think they could do anything to you!
  11. To take a different view, I never thought it was the job of the police to protect ********* from the consequences of their own actions. Anyone here heard of "zero tolerance"? A lot of people think it works. After all, he'll probably be a lot more circumspect the next time he finds himself in a similar situation.
  12. Zero tolerance????
    For flipping a finger at a speed camera? Pathetically over the top and the Police wonder why so many people think they behave like Knobbers?
    Does anybody think the public is interested on Police Officers making themselves feel clever in this way?
    Zero tolerance to drug offences or violent dcrime, great! Heavy handed bullshit like this is not helping the cause of effective Policing.

    W@nkers is the description that springs to mind
  13. My question would be why bother giving the finger to a camera van which he knows will have police in it? Does he drive round giving the finger to every fixed unmanned speed camera he passes? Would he walk up to a police officer in the street and give him the finger?

    Most people have strong views on speed cameras (I hate them) , but his man has a clean licence of 10 years and was under the speed limit so why make a pointless gesture? The answer is that he is like alot of people who think they can get away with things because he is in the safety bubble of his car.
  14. And the guy who makes an obscene gesture at police officers doing their job is a sensible, honest and reliable citizen? No one likes speed cameras. I've had the points and the fine. I put my hand up to it and took what was coming because I was speeding and I knew I'd broken the law. It was in my opinion the honest and mature thing to do.

    Who kills and injures more people in the UK? Criminals or 'law-abiding' motorists? Speed control measures are there for a reason.

    On the specific zero tolerance point, the theory is that if minor offences and infringements are ignored, then crimes tend to escalate in specific areas as those inclined towards illegality start to feel immune from arrest . In New York in the 1980s and 1990s, it wasn't just drug dealing and mugging they cracked down on. They also busted people for jay walking, littering, spitting in the street (I kid you not) and, you guessed it, speeding. It worked. It has been argued that low level "yob culture", vandalism and friday night punch up type violence in the UK is so high because the police tend to ignore it in favour of concentrating on more 'serious' crime (which doesn't fall as much as it should do because they've misunderstood the lesson of zero tolerance). In this case they didn't ignore it and a ******** got punished for his yobbish behaviour.

  15. And so the rozzers get away with operating a mobile speed camera in an obscene and offensive way by leaping all over a concerned motorist who was trying to draw their attention........................ :lol: :lol: :lol: