Fined £50 for dropping a tenner by accident...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This is taking the pish!..It's not as if he dropped a fag end or a sweety wrapper is it...Jobsworth coppers at their best!

    Fined £50... for dropping a tenner | UK | News | Daily Express

  2. I would have thought good grounds for an appeal - who's going to bin a Tenner?
  3. Nice to see the cops out doing their jobs for a change instead of being stuck in that police station doing paperwork.
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  4. That's Scotland for you!
    If it had been tenants super they would have drunk it!
  5. Really? That's nice.
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  6. Nice to see them going after the real criminals.
    Just remember coppers you police by public consent.
    Why couldn't they have just handed it and told him to be more careful in future.
    ******* jobsworth cocks.
    On the plus side at least they're leaving car drivers alone.


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  7. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I got gripped once for dropping a tab end. I just ******* ran. Not many coppers or pcso's or other such knackers can keep up.

    He didn't.

    The biff.
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  8. Police, in 'police being *******' shocker.
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  9. The police version of events differs from that of the man who got the littering ticket.
    What a surprise!

    "Strathclyde Police last night insisted Mr Smith had dropped several papers and ignored a warning to pick them up.

    But the fixed-penalty notice reads: “You did drop a price ticket”, appearing to contradict the force’s version of events.

    A force spokeswoman said: “An individual was seen throwing papers on the street. When he was approached and spoken to about it, he recovered the money he had thrown away but repeated his actions with the papers. He was therefore ticketed.”"

    Nothing to see here, move along.
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  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Fortunately, a Daily Express reporter (known for their factual integrity) was on hand to witness this oppressive act by the Police on an innocent/aged/ill/crippled/pregnant member of the public.
    (When did pubs start being called Charity shops?)

    I expect it will be at the ECHR within weeks, then we will know the truth.
  11. Slightly off topic.I once saw a traffic warden bang a ticket on a bus in a bus stop.The driver was on the vehicle reading his paper.The traffic warden reckoned he could only stop there ten minutes.These are Nazi's that work for Sunderland borough council.I've had dealings with them myself.I am sure the bastards just make things up.
  12. Knowing the area and the cops, I reckon the events went more like this:

    "Excuse me, Sir. You appear to be dropping things."

    "Awayanarraghyafukkinbassa. PishyermashinferfaAAAAAAHHHHHHHaaaahhhh..."

    "Sir, would you mind not swearing and stop throwing that litter around?"

    "Yahbaaaaass(burp)ssaaas! Ahhhmontaefukkye, AHMONTAEFUKK!"

    "Aye, well ye had yer chance. Yer nicked."
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  13. To start with it is a criminal offence and I'd rather have a jobs worthy copper than a fat, can't be arsed copper.

    These cops have simply not used their discretion if the story is to be believed. All we have is this bloke going to the newspaper with his side of the story - what if the real story is he threw his receipt on the ground (and not a tenner) and when asked by the cop to pick it told the cop to **** off - would that change your view?
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  14. They should've picked the tenner up for him........then just fined the old sod £40
  15. The bloke seems to be suffering an attack of outrage at being caught.

    How do you stop dirty slobby bastards from lobbing their crap around public spaces?

    Anyone else recall the sensation of wonder at seeing streets in Germany with NO litter?

    Anyone else ever sat in a car in the early hours in any UK city and watched FOGB rats come out to feast on the fast food manna?
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