Fine Payment post MCTC??????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by two-four-albert, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Dear Pay Ninjas, I hope you can offer help with the following query. A private soldier is serving a sentence at MCTC, he has to pay a fine that was imposed along with the stretch, will this be deducted in a lump sum on release or will it be taken gradually??? Cheers :D
  2. 24A

    Usually any fine imposed prior to a stretch is paid as a lump sum from the next payday. Bear in mind SUS do not paid normal Army rates whilst serving a sentence at MCTC. So if a soldier was convicted say on the 10th of the month and waved his 14 day cooling off period, he would only recieve 10 days pay for that month. If the deduction is likely to cause finacial hardship, the soldier in question should seek an interview with the Welfare Office at MCTC who can usually sort things out on the SUS's behalf.
  3. Is this for two offences or one? Shurely he couldn't have got a fine adn detention!
  4. Yep first offence, the fine exceeds his monthly wage so I assume that the balance will come out on his return to normal pay??? Thanx for the replies!! :D