Fine for Assault: £50, Fine for Littering: £75

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 18, 2007.

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  1. No common sense appears to be available in this country any more.

    A driver taking a witness to court was fined £75 for throwing a cigarette butt out the window – only to see the defendant penalised £50 for punching someone in the face.

    Jeannine Wycherley has been forced to pay the penalty notice while the thug got off with a softer punishment.

    Mrs Wycherley, a health worker, was driving her daughter-in-law to court when she was spotted by a council 'litter buster'.
    Two days later a penalty notice dropped through her letter box.

    'The world has gone crackers,' Mrs Wycherley said yesterday. 'It's cheaper to attack someone and give them a fat lip than drop a cigarette end. There's just no justice.'

    Mrs Wycherley was in a supermarket car park in Port Talbot, West Glamorgan, when council officials claim she was spotted littering.

    The 50-year-old paid up after receiving an 'intimidating' letter from Neath Port Talbot Council which said the enforcement officer's word would be believed over hers in court.

    Norman Brennan, of Victims of Crime Trust, last night said he was not surprised at the lenient sentence.

    'In the 28 years I have been involved with law and order I rarely ever see sentences that fit the crime, especially in violent crimes.

    'It is this type of sentence that is helping spread a wave of violent crime across the country.'

    The controversy comes just a day after news that Crawley Council, West Sussex, was forced to apologise when it tried to fine a toddler £80 for dropping two Quaver crisps on the pavement.
  2. Yeah Gads... Hold it before we start slatting the Criminal Justice System we will have Sven on here upholding this as littering is a crime against humanity and common assualt is a simple crime against a single individual.
  3. Suppose that is true in some sense but its ridiculous how they worked out attacking someone deserves less of a fine than a fag butt.
  4. This bloke is (or was) a PC and is the founder (and probably sole member) of the Victims of Crime Trust.

    Unless anyone else has any knowledge of him?
  5. When I was a kid I was fined £4 with £10 costs (yep - a long time ago!) on two counts of assault.

    Count one - throwing a stone at a woman that missed her by about 3 light years - she was too far away - just an act of insolence.

    Count two - flicking water on her from my wet feet.

    The police trawled the local schools for me and my mate, we both had quite unusual bikes and it wasn't difficult really.

    We were a pair of scrotes, no doubt about that - giving some women some lip when they told us to stop throwing a knife at a tree, incase it bounced and hit their kids, who were about 3 light years away .....

    In fact it was my mate doing the knife throwing, I was quietly fishing, but when the women started having a go, he started taking the urine and throwing abuse, I thought that was quite funny - one woman came over to me and pushed me in the friggin' river - that's why I flicked water on her!!!

    Who'd get done today - me or her?
  6. OK - compare that to today - a shop I used to run - some drunken 18 yr old twot puts his boot through the window - it's witnessed by friends/customers of ours, they dial 999 and keep him insight until the cops arrive. He assaults one of the cops arresting him.

    Next day he is caught stealing pies (or something) from a garage.

    He'd a record as long as your arm - jumped bail twice the year before.

    So - he's up for criminal damage to the tune of £4000 or so (not just the window - damaged stock in window - insurance company did not want to risk an injury claim from glass in goods sold - wrote the lot off)

    Then assault on a copper and theft.

    He gets community service and a £100 fine that did not even cover our insurance excess!

    Why? Well because they knew he could not pay a £4000 fine and if they imposed that and he failed to pay, well, they'd have to send him down - can't do that - prisons are stuffed and underfunded.

    Thing is these cnuts know all that and commit these crimes with impunity - he was just slightly unlucky that someone that gave a fcuk saw it happen.

    Thing also is that if I - who COULD afford to pay such a fine - decided to get ringbolted and do a window in - DIDN'T pay - I probably WOULD get sent down.

    Fcuk I was just about to get to bed, so wound up now I need another beer.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I was working for Sky I was installing a system in a Ex-UDR's blokes house near Comber.His Son was in Belfast with a group of mates about 2-3 years ago.He was attacked & knifed for 'looking' at this bloke as they passed outside the Botanic pub.
    He now requires 24/7 care,can only see things blurry & is mentally & physically handicapped now.The case is still awaiting trial as I understand it & the yob is still on the street.
    The father is,understandably,very angry & would love to slot the p*ick if he could.
    The law sucks & the innocent victim is now the aggressor!
    Makes me sick!
  9. This is a perfect example of why I have lost faith in the Government, the Police and the Justice System. I have now completely lost faith in Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition as well, and will be looking for work abroad.

    Will the last person to leave this country please turn the lights out?

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  10. Seconded, SLR.

    I've come to the conclusion that it will take a total breakdown in civil order, with cities burning and the the death toll in the tens of thousands, before the ruling elite will act.

    The politicians, judeges, senior police officers etc live in well-protected, comfortable enclaves. They are completely out of touch with the realities of life for the Poor Bloody Taxpayer.

    Only when the people in charge see their loved ones violated and killed, when they have to live in fear every waking hour, when they are beaten, stabbed, robbed - only THEN will they act. Only then will we get the Criminal Justice system we need.

    Frankly, the scenario I've discribed can't come fcuking soon enough IMHO.
  11. yeah i also get fed up of living in this social experiment - which is badly failing
  12. 2 years ago someone I know very well got community service for attempted murder.

    ******* shocking
  13. I had some idiot spit at my little 9 yr old boy and tell him to fcuk off, I went to have a quiet word with him, he flew at me, I restrained him as I've been trained to do, yet I ended up in court, got a criminal conviction for assault and had to pay the tw@t compensation!!! 8O
  14. 'Worked out'! That's a bit generous... 8O