Finds during Op. BANNER

Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by Patchett44, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Being the proud owner (finally) of all four volumes of David Barzilays British Army In Ulster, I would like to ask the following question :

    All 4 volumes have many pics of weapons/ammo/explosives seized from Loyalist/Republican hides.

    The array of weaponary is boggling - Chronologically - Steyr, Mannlicher, Martini Henri, Lee Enfield rifles

    MP40, Mk4s, Baretta machine pistols, Mauser pistols, Garands

    Armalites, M14s M16s FALs

    Not to mention the Lugers, Colts, Brownings

    What was the most unusual, unexpected, home made or contrived weapon you found, and were the best examples saved for posterity ?


    Patchett 44
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  2. Much of the assorted weaponry and associated materiel is stored as potential "cold case" evidence and there is currently a specialised team working on such cases.
    Some items of potential evidential material were deliberately destroyed however in political moves or to "put it out of use".
    A lot of it will, in a few years, end up in dedicated museums or in private collections ( fully and legally deactivated of course).
  3. A whip and a dildo on the top of a leading IRA mans wardrobe.
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  4. Once searched a "house" in the Ballymurphy & found 24 Guinness bottles full of pregnant girlies p1ss under a bed....... 8O
  5. Howed you know she was pregnant? And a she?
  6. Bit of basking in associated others glory.................I was on a Descant tour the year the boyos were tunnelling out of the Maze and one of our search ops lifted a Barratt out of a horsebox. There's a little more to it than that, but that was a good find.
  7. I thought the Barrett was found by a police search team from L1, or have I been bluffed?
  8. Finding out that Booties scream like little girls when you turn them upside down in a Lynx. You only get to do it once, mind.
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  9. Finding a Southern Irish taxi following my landrover whilst doing route search the morning after the break out at the Maze in November 74. I stop taxi and and ask why he is following my vehicle. Taxi driver says he wants to get to the Maze. I tell him he is going the right way about it and ask him why he wants in to the Maze. He tells me that "Missus Coney", in the back of the taxi, has come to identify the body of Hugh Coney, her son, "shot by the British army" during the escape. Poor old girl, I found her composed and dignified, probably in shock.
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  10. I remember one sunday back in 1992 i was looking through some bushes in londonderry and found this egg type thing made of chocolate. In fairness i was 7 and it was an easter egg hunt in my garden. The things i found in Northern Ireland
  11. I do believe it was a peeler who noticed the false floor. However if you believe anything L1 told you...... :D
  12. My troop staffy told us that he found it, in a horsebox. Hidden in a false panel or something.

    He had an op banner story for everything and would top trump anyone who challenged him, morning noon or night.
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  13. The best find I had was returning back to my room in XMG after been blown through two walls after a mortar attack and finding my SLR shattered by a piece of shrapnel on the bed where I had been laying.
    Still got the remains of the stock with said piece of metal.
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  14. Sounds like a bloke i know of did he get brassed up on a cold winters night? Or recieve any dodgy notes from people?
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