Finding work as an Ex APTCI

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by beemer, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Thought the site would benefit from my experience of finding work after 22 years service starting in the RE and finishing in the APTC.
    Resettlement - 10 week full time residential Sports Therapist course. passed.
    Start work teaching on said Therapist course for 6 months.
    Leave and contact all hospitals in Sheffield area, offering free assistance to physios. no takers!
    Start school swimming teaching lessons for sheff city council part time, and part time diy ing for a local company.
    Move to full time building with local company, now training to be an electrician.
    So? so much for the PT helping me to get a job.
    Moral of the story - try different skills, leads to better employability.

    Sorry, just happy to see I'm not the only one who wasted their resettlement.
  3. I thought UAE were taking all APTC leavers at the moment?
  4. was ist UAE? verdammt noch mal!
  5. I know a bloke that put in a bid for that course. He thought it was a "spot the rapist" course and it sounded like a nice little jolly working with the police.
  6. 'The Rapist' course included 2 massage modules, which delighted my wife no end. make of that what you will.......... :D :D :D
  7. United Arab Emerites
  8. Set up your own clinic or look for a sports team to work with! rugby teams always need help! Personal training is cool if dont mind working at random hours. If u do, do it privately, the fitness industry sucks when it comes to earning a decent wage, trust me ive been there! depending on the area u work in, for example: London u could charge upto 60 quid an hour. PM me i might have some ideas.
  9. Maybe it's payback for all those fat electricians you spent years beasting. God just might be a chubby sparky.
  10. Thank you for your offer Spindarella, but I am fully committed to this Electricians path now. Still able to assess soft tissue sports injuries though! My wife is currently at Uni training to be a PE teacher, so I keep in touch with the fitness side. :wink:
  11. Having your qual in Sports Therapy is a real bonus, so once u are established in your other career path u might beable to have side line! u could probably then enjoy it more as it would be more of a hobby i suppose. My Partner is a qualified PE monkey too. pretty cool job if u ask me. U thought of doing that? with your back ground u could probably get a job in a private school, no National curriculum then more perks & better school trips! sorry ive rambled am slightly drunk. good luck in your electricianing!!
  12. Your comments appreciated with or without drink, Spindarella! I have a devious plan!
    1. Get my Electrical Installation Qual.
    2. Wifey gets teaching Qual.
    3. Wifey get teaching job with British Forces Education Services, Germany, eerrr Cyprus?
    4. I do part time Phys or electrics!!!!

    DEVIOUS or what?
  13. DO IT!! DO IT! thats a cunning plan if ever i saw one! Cyprus would be a bonus! good luck!......eerm have you told your wife yet?? lol.
  14. Not devious mate just a bloody good plan. I hope it all works out for you.
  15. You do the Electrics bit then you can fix the sunbeds as you use them . Good luck !!!!