finding someone in your quarter

hi all,

have heard some horror stories about people comming back to their quarter and finding contractors etc in their home with no prior notice etc......

just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences.............
Whilst posted to Cyprus, I went out with a mate who also lived on Epi Garrison. The next morning he came downstairs to find some pissed-up geezer sleeping on his couch.

As an added bonus, he had pissed it too

Oh how I laughed......
can understand incase of an emergency then fair enough, suspected gas leak etc......

but there is a thread on here where one guy came home to find a contractor unescorted in his house and the only way he found out was the fact his german shepard would not let the guy leave......

not being funny but if my wife and young baby were in the house on their own and she found some one gaining access with or with out a key i would expect her to give said person the good news around the canister with a d cell maglite
Unless they are invited in......... Is that a packet of OMO I see in your kitchen window?

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