Finding relatives military history? (WW2)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hoody, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Assume there must be at least some on here that have done this in the past? I am currently trying to look up my grandfathers military history. Apart from knowing he was a cook, we know nothing, not his id number, regiment or anything (like quite a lot it seems he never talking much about that part of his life) Anyone have any tips on the easiest way (if possible) to do this?
  2. Hoody, I presume your looking for a WW2 record or later, him being your grandfather and that? If so this information is not online at Ancestry/Genes reunited etal, But WW1 service records are. However, using those sites to find his general history may help you piece things together about him, such as areas where he lived and when. Then you can start from there. He may have been in his county regiment, things like that.

    With a full name and a birth/death date you can get quite far given luck and detective work (which is really what it is). Sorry I cant help more, but your starting right at the bottom.
  3. I would like to check out my grand dad from ww1. who left as a field commissioned captain. having joined as a private soldier. I assume he would have been a 2nd lt in reality..any ideas where to initially look. he must have been a lucky boy
  4. Spookily enough, I just emailed my mum the SPVA forms for the exact same thing not five minutes ago. If you have his full name, date of birth and permission from his NOK (Your mum, nan, whoever that may be) you can apply for his service records direct from the MOD. Army number would obviously help, but according to the forms it's not essential.

    Click here for Part 1, which is the consent form to be signed by the NOK;
    [ARCHIVED CONTENT] Page not found

    Click here for Part 2, which is Service specific;
    [ARCHIVED CONTENT] Page not found

    (I've assumed from your OP that he was Army - Links to the Navy and RAF forms are on the same page)

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.
  5. If your Grandad did not make it through the War then the Commenwealth Graves People may help, it is where i got details o y relatives.
  6. Is there anyway to find out post WW2? My Grandad was a Para from 42-49. He couldn't stand civvy life and joined the King's Dragoon Guards in '50 where he eventually became Sergeant-Major. I know a lot about him anyway, but would still be nice to see if I could learn some more from records etc.
  7. See my post above - my grandad served roughly around the same time.
  8. Sorry completely missed that. Nice one.
  9. Spookily enough ARRSE has a Military History and Militaria forum, hidden in plain sight under Army life/Interests and Hobbies, plenty of very knowledgeable people there who can answer these and other questions.
  10. Be careful mate, this one bit of information alone has ominous portents. Don't be surprised in the slightest if he got banged up at some point for trying to smuggle a Hong Kong hooker back to blighty in his MFO box.
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Medal records up to about 1949 are on line so try looking there.
  12. Shows what a nab i am, totally missed that one will post some images i have obtained there in a bit. here an image of him just incase anyone can make anything out?

  13. thnx will do, had a look on (signed up for the free trial) but couldn't find anything
  14. Lol probably would have been the highlight of his life if he had been? From what little I have been able to gather, I'm not even sure he ever left the British isles? One thing i can say though is who ever taught him to cook did a bloody good job.
  15. Whilst digging through some of the old images found these as well




    I assume these must have been great uncles or something? not sure what unit they were a part of? Also WW1 by the looks of things?