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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Oi Blud, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else here with the same problem?

    Its finding a character reference of a professional person known for at least a year, having them listed down and the form sent from the AFCO to the reference, who supposed to send it back. I have had two sent off and had no reply for some time.
  2. It's the holiday season; goodwill to all men, conspicuous gluttony, gratuous violence at the sales.

    Perhaps they've been busy?

    You could always try getting in touch with your referees and asking them.

    After the break.
  3. The forms have been sent off before December and still havent had any reply. Even the referees who supposed to fill the forms in said the have not received anything when i spoke to them.

    Who knows where the reference forms will end up?.
  4. Time to go back to the ACIO and chase the bloody slackers up.
  5. This happened with me twice, my referees received nothing and I was starting to get a bit impatient so I mentioned it to my ACO and he printed out the referee forms and handed them to me. He said that strictly they shouldn't do that as I could fill them out myself and return them, however I took them to my referee and asked him to scan/fax a copy of the reference over to my sergeant so that he knew I hadn't altered it.

    Even if your ACO can't do this for you, he will probably put some extra effort in to ensuring your referee receives the docs now that you've complained... Alternatively he might fob you off, but worth a shot anyway.
  6. Ill have a go at this.

    With the way it is, my hand is rattling the emergency lever on joining the French Foreign Legion. I understand anyone else desperate but it could be a run in. Even if i got the coach to Paris, the Legionnaires at the Fort De Nogent would probably ask why dont you join your own, and could say about your profile if i say something like my application is taking ages or i couldnt find any references.

    Asides that, i dont want to waste my doctors effort and the AFCOs effort in getting the appication processed.