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Discussion in 'RLC' started by STUMANN73, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Can any one help me. My dad passed away in January and we appear to have no photos of him in uniform does anyone know of him or have any photos of him here is a list of details...Thanks Stu

    24027516 Private Duncan Matthew Fraser Mann
    From Dundee - Born 08 June 1948.
    Trained at RAOC Training Depot Blackdown June/July 1965 till December 1965
    Posted as a Storeman to CAD Kineton December 1965 till 1969
    Known to have played Football (In Goal) at CAD Kineton
    Posted BOD Dulman 1969 - 1972
    Known to have played Hockey at BOD Dulman

    Died January 2005 aged 56

    Also i dont know if they work on here but here are my dad and some of his pals in the army...
    The first picture is the football team at cad kineton my dad duncan mann is ont the top row 3rd from left

    the second picture my dad is second from left (Duncan Mann)

    the third picture my dad on the right (Duncan Mann)

    the forth picture my dad far left (Duncan Mann)

    the fith picture my dad bottom left corner (Duncan Mann)

    All these picture are while dad was at cad kineton 1965-1969

    If anyone knows of any of the others please get in touch many thanks

    just copy and paste the links
  2. Moved here in the hope that it will be more relevant to the ex-RAOC who visit this board.

  3. Stu, sorry to hear of your Dad passing on at such a early age. I can't guarantee results but I'll circulate the details around the Association of Conductors and the Association of Ammunition Technicians. Many of them will have served at Kineton and I'm confident that some of them might have been there during period 65-69. Also suggest you get try the HQ RAOC Association at Deepcut. They have an Annual Newsletter wihich includes a "Lost Pals" section which might help identifying pals of your Dad. Link below:

    See my e-mail and PM to you.
  4. Just giving this a bump to the top to see if anyone else has joined since first posting


  5. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stu I would give RAOC on line a bash.


  6. Cheers Percy,

    I forgot i had already used that site too when i first posted back in 2005.

    I dont seem to be having much luck really!

    Thanks Anyway

  7. He all,

    Someone has just posted this on the Raoc Website Hopefully someone will know a little more

    Hi Stu, I hope this may help a little. On the football photo, back row right, I believe that is Ian 'Mac' McKiernon. If anyone knows of Mac's whereabouts, maybe he can help. I was at Kineton 67/68 and would have known your dad but unfortunately cannot recollect him.

    Cheers, Ken.

    Thanks Again all

    Pics Are Available on the 1st original post!