Finding out the REAL Walts

Working in an ex service charity, I often meet other volunteers who mention that they ex SF or similar -needless to say most are politely ignored and left to one side. But one who is joining us soon has stated that he has been awarded the MM whilst serving with 'The Regiment' but I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a WALT in the camp. Naturally I do not want to confront him and cause alarm, dismay and a punch in the mouth--so is there a definitive list of the recipients of this medal that I may check against ? I have looked through The London Gazette for hours on line without success .


V-O-G, I am in the same boat with a guy claiming an MM, and I have had no luck verifying it. His is not claimed for SF service, but with Para Regt.

If I find out how, I will let you know.


Mr Happy

Can't you ask Glasgow? If they're retired I think the records go up there (if they ever weren't). They might be able to confirm an MM but not the SF bit, though a conversation you may be able to read between the lines - a civi employer did a CV check for me once and too my suprise got all the details they required from Glasgow. I spoke with them on this and one of the comments made was they can get anyones details unless they were SAS or similar in which case they were 'locked' but in itself I judge that as a likely indication...

You could also of course PM me with the details (Name, Sqn, dates, MM date (estimates are fine)) and I can run it past a now-on-the-circuit ex-22 WO2 mate.
Is it not on the MOD website for non-SF awards or veterans agency or such like? Obviously a bit harder to find if SF
Ronnie8781 said:
Is it not on the MOD website for non-SF awards or veterans agency or such like? Obviously a bit harder to find if SF

He claims that he was awarded the MM and other meritorious awards some time ago 1970's or 80's ? when a 'ranker'. MOD site only covers recent awards. Veterans Agency, MOD, Girl Guides etc claim cannot help due to 'Freedom of Info ', Personal Freedom etc.
Look in the london gazeete archives, it will be their, if sf its under usually their old regiment. Also look for a book called honours and awards of the british army (ulster, falklands and other campaigns)

Mr Happy

In defence of the walt, we've an old alchoholic security guard (civ type) who, in between the shakes, likes to raise the barrier and give visitors a hard time. At a formal do he attended (rather than stagging on) and I have to admit was a little suprised by one of his gongs (surprised he'd ever served actually) a little background checking (official enquiry by the CO) revealed he was in fact ex SBS and he did have the MM. Which is fairly cool, if a little sad when you see him now.

Anyway, 30 years of civi st can do strange things to a warrior....

You could always just ask to see the citation to admire it, though he may have to kill you afterwards.

Mr Happy

There are a series of indexes to the MM awards, and as with the MC the fact of the award is often (but not always) mentioned on the man's service medal index card. Either of those will lead back to an entry in the London Gazette but that will not give you a citation.
Formal citations for this medal were never published and establishing the reason for the award can be a bit of a slog. The gazette date is a starting point, and work in the relevant war diaries normally gives a good rate of return in establishing what action was the relevant one as the man will often be mentioned by the diarist. Some "Routine Orders" in Divisional and Corps files actually printed regular lists of MM awards and the reasons for their having been granted, - an unpredictable source, but certainly worth trying. Likewise, as with the MC, Regimental sources can be helpful.

This all leaves the MM as perhaps one of the most irksome gallantry awards to research, but it is a highly prestigious recognition of "Other Ranks" service and is well worth pursuing.
VOG - I believe that there is a Military Medal association, which IIRC Lord Archer of Waltington on Sea was the patron of. They would perhaps be able to help out.

One of the waltfinder's top tips is to ask if you can look at the decoration "never having seen one up close before" and then check for engraving on the rim. While this is never conclusive, you may be surprised to find that this MM is Sapper X or Bombardier Y's and not your own Walt's! Attention to detail gets Walts every time!
If your potential Walt admits to his original Regt check with the Regtl Association plus the SAS/SBS Associations. I am sure they will be happy to out anyone claiming medals to which they are not entitled. My own association frequently outs such types.
Does he actually wear the medal or does he just claim to "have it". (he's not ex marines and now in the TA is he?)
Similar tale to Mr Happy. An old bloke at the Farter-in-Law's club claimed to be SAS during the war (and decorated). Everyone took the p1ss and ignored him. I then found his picture and a good write up in Paddy Blair Maine's biography. Laugh? Few things made me happier.
Even so, they are serial numbered now inside the front cover. Once you have that number a quick cal to the Secretary with number and you can check cred there and then.

Or just leave the old dufer alone and let him walt in happiness.

Remember he may not be a walt anyway.
If he has a legit MM, which Gazette will confirm, then who cares where and with whom he won it? If he has not got one and is still larging it up, big-timing the SF thing, then the Out-walting of Shame awaits...
We had a simular problem with a person, that joined the ACF unit I was with, he claimed to have served with SF and even had gongs to "prove it". I used my contacts to find a serving member of SF, let the two meet, and then this "new" member of the ACF decided he didn't want to work with Cadets anymore.....

The_Duke said:
V-O-G, I am in the same boat with a guy claiming an MM, and I have had no luck verifying it. His is not claimed for SF service, but with Para Regt.

If I find out how, I will let you know.

Same here - 2 para, claims various dubious things (e.g. a "laser sight" for his SLR that was banned because it made it too accurate!) including the MM for some incident in Ulster (70s I think). The only medals he has are un-named replacements because "his ex-wife threw away the real ones". He doesn't appear in "For Bravery in the Field" by Christopher Bate, which is the definitive reference as I understand it, nor in the London Gazette. And he's a convicted benefit fraud. So unless he's some sort of secret squirrel super-soldier, it's pretty clear to me what his deal is. Trouble is, how to conclusively prove a negative and know that I've exhausted all channels?

Hope the book reference in this post helps one or two people out that weren't aware of it, but if anyone knows of any other ways to check receipt of the MM, I'd be very interested to find out.

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