Finding out National Insurance Number (from late 1960s)

I chap I know is looking for his national insurance number from when he was working in the UK in the late 1960s.

I found this form but he would only remember maybe one address and have approx dates, will they still be able to find it?
Try here:
HM Revenue & Customs: Applying for a National Insurance number
There's a form CA 5403 here:

If he actually registered with what was the DHSS or Inland Revenue they should find it with no problems.
If he was only temping, or doing casual work, his employer might have got a bit lazy, and issued a Temporary Number for the Wages staff to use.
They take the form TN [date of birth (ddmmyy)], and M or F for Male or Female.
For example: TN 010265 M

Any NIC he would have paid under a TN would be lying on the files unallocated, as they don't usually get mated up to the NI account until someone asks.

My work here is done....(Shuffles off in a cloud of dust and dandruff)

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