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Finding out about a transfer


War Hero
Hi there.

I've recently had to transfer from one unit to another. All things hunky dory at both ends whilst filling in forms etc. My old unit are adament they've sent the forms in but I've not heard anything from my new lot and can't get hold of anyone there. It's taken a while now so I'm starting to get a bit concerned as I still need to get a course in for my bounty (I know, leaving it a bit tight).

Is there anyone I can contact at Glasgow to see how things are progressing or is a case of just pestering my new mob?

Thanks, TBM


War Hero
It's a case of pestering your new mob, it should take about two weeks from them sending the paperwork to APC. If you still reqire a course for bounty get on to your current unit.


This is probably just a case of your forms being at the bottom of someone's in or out tray. I suspect it would be your old unit who have not got round to sending the forms yet - why would it be a proority for them? The solution is to get your old unit to confirm when the forms were sent, then check that your new unit definately doesn't have them. If there is a delay between send reciept then get some new ones into the system because someone has lost them!

In the mean time your old unit should still be paying you as you are on their books. I have transferred twice and on both occasions I was parading at my new unit and sending individuals back to my old one before I was transferred to my new units books.



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Thanks. I've transferred before and have done the same as you with regards to parading at my new mob but sending individual paysheets back to my previous unit. This time the new unit says that's not possible as they could get done for poaching or some such bollocks??

I'll keep on their case though.


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