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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by NoBackUp, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Guy´s

    any pointers on finding old signalers ... and when i say old my number was 2455XXXX was in from 79 .... 87.. Stumbled on this site tonight when I was surfing for information on TARIF,BRUIN, BMIS and BID 200 .... yep that's how far back I´m talking.. and I´m TE (Did u guess !!!), back then 7Sigs were still in Herford..

    any pointers would be appreciated .. especially if you were in comcen Zulu and did anything in PATCH or TECCON !!!
  2. 2455 - call that OLD you are a SPROG young sir!!
  3. Wierd. I was in from 79 and was 2450xxx, as were most of my mates
  4. Thanks for that mate... it was my 48th 2 days ago... and now to be called a sprog... takes me way back to the days at 11th Cattrick (North Yorks) where we sprogs had to ask Jimmy for forgiveness...
  5. Glasgow area was intake with 2455 ... i believe that how they did it back then ... when I first arrived at 22Sigs LIP ... I also found that guys that arrived after me or other non TE/RR Techs that joined after me had lower numbers...
  6. Commcen Zulu....was that 4 Sqn?
  7. think so (brain dead tonight....also long time ago ....but sounds right) , was over the foot bridge other side from Zoo, lines were up past the POL dump to the right.. accommodation was the second and third blocks up, just below the screws mess

    went back there last year... its a family orientated box head housing scheme... all that is left is the tennis courts down by the mess...
  8. I was in 4 Sqn and we were in the last couple of blocks up on the right, our Sqn bar was in the old wooden church. Some good times in that mad old unit!
  9. and when were u there ?
  10. 81-84. Then I disappeared into Aldershot land!
  11. Read PM please...
  12. Thanks for that found the whole troop in less than a day.... better than TARIF any day ... lol
  13. Try Royal Signals Contact Site, Royal Siggies Association, Forces Reunited
  14. TARIF = take a rest - it's f..ked innit?