Finding Nemo

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Don't dismiss this as a movie for children. It is brilliant. If you liked Toy Story or Monsters Inc then you will love it.

    Clown fish Nemo is captured from the Great Barrier Reef by a scuba-diving dentist who puts him in a tank. The film follows the journey that Nemo's father makes to rescue him, defeating enormous sharks and meeting lots of cool marine life.

    Superb characters and a million funny and very clever moments which will make you want to see it again plus the start of a whole new batch of catch phrases ('you made me ink!').

    It's out now at the movies. The DVD is due out 4 Nov.
  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I have the DVD, will do a copy for anyone that wants it. Don't tell the FBI.

    PS. BB, I haven't forgotten you and my promise...
  3. For Finding Nemo & other great educational films, go to and find the link to english films. A good site to find other software/films etc is emule (just do a search and go to the site). For burning use fireburner, you can obtain it from emule.