Finding midgets attractive.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Whilst sat suffering on the sofa and channel hopping I caught an episode of 'Pushing Daisies' when a large breasted midget popped up on the screen. Blimey!
    Is it wrong to want to nail a midget? She's only about 4 foot tall!
    Maybe my hangover was worse than I imagined and she's really a 6 foot Goddess!

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  2. thats actually a life sized pic.
  3. You twat! When that pic finally loaded, it nearly had me eye out!!

    I may sue.
  4. Midget Porn. Bloody Brilliant


  5. I just googled her height, and she's 4'11: the same height as my GF. According to the Little People of America website, that's 1" taller than maximum midget height.

    That said, sex with the GF is a bit freaky: it's like putting on a puppet show.
  6. I must admit ive seen a few midgets who i would give it too, should i be ashamed? :(
  7. That is without a doubt the best fact I've read in a long time! Good skills Sir!
  8. I didnt think it was that bad, but then maybe Im a bit shorter than you.
  9. By quite a bit, she says. Is this you?

  10. thats my old business card. My new one has my email address. And my hair is shorter.
  11. Collar or cuff? Enquiring minds and all that... Ahem 8O
  12. Doubles your chances of getting a date... :wink:

    BTW, midgets aren't too's the dwarves that are just...freakish.
  13. A sepia toned Iron with thrupp's. And even more outrageous, a Tilbury and a pair of Jacob's.
  14. I have always enjoyed the pleasures of shafting small women. Standing 6'5" in my stockinged (but not suspendered) feet, I find that I present an unusaully interesting challenge for the smaller female. Especially when I pick them up afterwards and put them on top of the wardrobe...My personal best remains stuck at 4' 10" and it would wrong to say she was a dwarf. However it would be correct to say she had a shorter inside leg than a dachshund.