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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by my_key, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. get hold of anyone about joining TA.

    Used online Careers Office - the guy sounded busy, and just replied with things I already knew (go to your local office or ta unit). I called my local ta unit, no-one picks up the phone! I drove into town yesterday (Saturday) and the office is open 9 - 4.30 Mon to Fri! I work at those times... Beginning to think I'm wasting my time :?

    I'm 32, have a good job (which I need to pay mortgage, car etc) and am happy there, but feel I can do a lot more with my life. I like to help people and want to do something challenging, exciting and TOTALLY different from my normal life. Could the TA be right for me?
  2. Where do you live? Don't need to be too specific, but we might be able to point you in the direction of some decent units nearby. Have you any preference re the type of unit you join?
  3. I live a few miles from Southampton - they have Artillery TA as far as I am aware, sounds interesting, not sure. Visually looks like a good outfit. You see I don't want to turn up and talk to them and waste their time if I then push off to another area. Do people generally go further afield to get what they want or stick closer to home?

    Also how does the training work if I join and there are no other newbies? Do I do training on my own or join in with everyone else? I'm 75Kg - Fitness Good, do loads of Aerobic exercise - prob too much, don't know if I need to do more muscle work and bulk up a bit beforehand...
  4. 165 Port is based at Gosport, its the RLCTA Port regiement who play with boats if that floats your...boat.

    Edited to add:

    And its a nationally recruited Regt which means you will not have to dod weekly drill nights, just a min of 19 days a year and a 2 week exercise.
  5. Tell me about the 2 week exercise, it sounds interesting - what does it actually involve? How much time is exercise and how much is sitting behind a desk learning? Is it 2 weeks on-site, or attended daily? Also tell me about the CFT please.
  6. just go into the royal artillery unit and talk to them you wont be wasting thier time as the recruiting staff should be glad to see you and if its not for you they should recomend another unit closer to you .
    as all basic training is the same regardles of cap badge it phase 2 that will be of more intrest to you and the skills you bring.
  7. i know how you feel.... i seem to of been told to go here, there and everywhere with no joy

    i do have an interview next thursday at the careers place
  8. Good for you Stacey - I think I will go on Tuesday night to the TA near me, Just don't know how much spare time they will have for me when they have enough work to do with the guys already there - it's their drill night I think.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    They have staff dedicated to recruiting.

  10. Thanks for that - I appreciate your help
  11. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I've got a mate in the local Artillery TA unit (I think he is still there)...I think they are cloud punchers but you could be worse off.

    If you PM me with some contact details I'll pass them on to him and he might be able to help you out.

  12. Not sure what side of Southampton you are but there's always the RWxY TA unit in Salisbury, we have a few guys from Southampton already.
  13. ive just finished TA basic training, its 7 weekends for the corps and 9 for infantry at your nearest recruit training centre. the first few weeks are mostly death by power point on military law etc... then you move onto infantry skills weapon handling and CBRN
  14. As a general point, when I moved to a completely different part of the country a while ago, I enquired with the local AFCO about the local units. They pointed me in the direction of one that had closed down 18 months ago.

    Supposed 'One Army Recruiting' is still in a nascent phase, as admitted by the chaps working there. I would add that just picking up the phone and calling a unit is all very well, but the last three I've rung one has shut, the other is over subscribed and the last was re-rolling and said call back in a few months when they might know what was going on.