finding info on family history from 1830s...

Recently I have found some information. While on wikipedia I searched my surname, and found some information on someone who died in 1832, normally I would just pass this off for coincidence but my surname is not a common name, as while searching it on those ‘family history’ sites found people I know or died before my time but lived in the same area. The person I found lives nowhere near where I live, he lived in Cornwall and me near London.

Also, I wouldn’t normally want to investigate any further but turns out that this guy played an important role in the battle of Trafalgar.

So this bring me to my question, what is the easiest way of finding out if I am related to this bloke or in fact it is just a coincidence that he has the same surname as me??

All help you can provide will be great
I agree, Predatorplus is a highly unusual name and sounds vaguely Romanian. Are you looking in the right place?

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