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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by skintboymike, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. A mate of mine is about to become a dad soon, and has applied through DHE to move from his top floor two bedroom house into a traditional quarter (3 bed if available). He knows of several houses on the camp (Uxbridge) which are empty, and is trying to find out how many bedrooms are in the empty quarters. DHE are being very unhelfpul as always, refusing to tell him availability or indeed even how many rooms the quarters have.

    DHE do not adhere to a traditional housing allocation system. If a quarter is empty they move someone in, but kids, pets, etc aren't even considered. I have had a chat with two couples who moved in recently, and found that they both had been allocated 3 bedroom houses, even though they have no kids.

    My mate wants to write down addresses of empty houses on his application, and would like to know how to find out how many rooms the house has before writing it down. Is this kind of info in the public domain?
  2. MHS (not DHE I'm afraid) are strictly to entitlement. Here at Uxbridge it's pointless looking at which quarters are empty....a colleague of mine has done exactly that and everyone he has looked at, he has been told that it is already allocated. They will allocate one and that's that. You will be able to reject it if it doesn't conform to standard or to your entitlement but that's it. If you reject it coz you don't like it, they are under no obligation to give you anywhere else.

    You will find that there is a shortage of 2 bed houses, and that is why some are allocated 3 bed. All he can do is hope.

    PM me if you want any further info
  3. DE allocations are strange!
    We gave numerous addresses for properties close to my hubby's new place of work and ended up getting SFA 15 miles away??

    We were told that although a property may appear empty it could be classed as a void house or already assigned to another person.
  4. Did the same thing when I moved to Woolwich and got the standard reply of just because its empty doesnt mean its free.
    Stick to your guns for the house you want
  5. One point I forgot to mention - this guy is MPGS, and will be staying in the area for quite a few years to come. It stands to reason that he doesn't want to be fobbed off with a sh*t quarter.
  6. Well, he needs to know that the quarters at the bottom end Valley Road/Dawes Road area are the worst in the area bar none! The ONLY advantage they have is that they are behind the wire and therefore benefit from a decent level of security. This will all change in about 18 - 24 Months when the unit closes, the wire comes down and then the council get control of the land. It's gonna be one big feck off buiding site. Frankly, if he is going to be here for some time, start looking at Ruislip etc...much nicer.
  7. I know too well :(