Finding family service records?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stejones, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    Was wondering if anyone has found old service records of there family on the net or anything?

    Trying to find out about my great grandad and his brothers (RE,5 SCOTS)

    he served in a royal engineers bomb disposal unit in WW2 (near chelsea i think, heard something about them playing there?)

    Anyone searched anything like this?

    Sorry if its a repost guys

  2. Don't get me started. Somehow Kentigern House have managed to lose my dad's army records, and to top it all off, they sent me the complete army records of a total stranger. At least they are having the decency to refund the original search fee.

    If you have his name and date of birth they will search his records for you, when I applied there was a £30 fee.

    Phone Kentigern House in Glasgow and ask for an application form. 0845 600 9663. The soldier has to be deceased for you to apply for his docs.
  3. OK thanks for that didnt know if i could just get in touch with there regiments.

    Id be fucked off to mate,did the records u got sent have the same name as your dad or was it just any record they could find
  4. Surname was the same, christian names different. My old boy joined in 1924, 'tother bloke joined in 1944. Had a very nice letter from a lady type, who told me that she had straightened a few people out over it.
  5. It might be wise to get in touch with the RE Corps HQ. I got my grandads service history from the Regimental HQ. A friend of mine also got his grandads records from the RRW (I think) HQ in Brecon.
  6. Jock on here works at Kew in the service records bit, or something along those lines. He'll be able to help.
  7. Cheers for all the replys lads
  8. I know that some WW1 records are on-line, woman at work found my great Grandfathers WW1 records for me!
  9. Any chance of knowing what that site is mate, heard a lot of ww1 documents got destroyed during the blitz
  10. My wife is researching the family tree, and so has membership to the Ancestry website which has all the census', WW1 military records (the ones that didn't get destroyed) etc. She's happy to look up WW1 military records for people if they want, as she's now hit a bit of a brick wall with the family tree.

    The records on there come up in a format where she can save them and email the images across (apparently, it's all beyond me!)
  11. I think it was from Ancestry website as I know she's a member of it.
  12. Wait until November and I'll bet they make Ancestry access free for a short while. They did this last year around Remembrance Day. You might also be able to take advantage of a free trial period, not sure if they're running this at the moment though. Also, if you check out your local library they might have AncestryLibrary available (it's free). You just join the library and get logged into the computers online and then go to the site The searches are more limited to certain collections than normal membership, but it is free after all. It only works on library computers though, not by using your own laptop with the wifi system.
  13. Thanks again for all the posts and pm's
  14. For those researching their 'Colonial' military family may I recommend:

    Home | Australian War Memorial

    The Australian War Memorial - has detailed history of units and if a family member received a citation, and/or bravery medal/s.


    National Archives of Australia - has all the specific military paper records of individuals ie, enlistment, medical, postings etc. Basically the members service file. Excellent resource for family history.

    I have used both government agencies and have found them to be a fantastic resource. All records can be found online or a request made to make them available online. A fee is required to purchase hard copies for certification.

    Whilst researching family in the British Forces I was advised that some records re: WW! and prior may of been destroyed during WW2 Blitz as a government building housing such records was destroyed. Just a suggestion as to some records not available.
  15. And if it's WW1 Canadian Expeditionary Forces and WW2 Canadian Forces (and a whole lot more) you're after:

    Library and Archives Canada

    Incidentally the British Army records were severely damaged during the blitz in WW2 when a fire destroyed 70% of the records. what remained was water damaged and singed and is called 'the burnt series'. There are also pension records, medal index cards and access to 'Soldiers Died in the Great War' as well as looking on the CWGC website for those who died. Most of the records are available with Ancestry membership or you can instead download them for a price from the National Archives Online.