Finding Fablon

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BRIAN, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. Up until recently i used to buy my "Fablon" from WHSmith they used to do big fat 4m or so rolls of the stuff. Now they only do 1.5M roles of the stuff. Does any one know anywhere where i can get it in a large quantity. Big fat roll. Ive tried a few online stationers but they dont know what Fablon is and when i say sticky back plastic they understand but dont stock it.
  2. 'Staples' have em...
  3. get your statuionary clerk to order it out of the banner catalogue the one i got was about a metre wide by god knows how long no point you paying when the company can foot the bill (so long as its for work obviously)
  4. You lot are about 20 years behind the technology curve.
    We have been advising arrogant young SF types to use spray-on fablon for decades now.

    We attached types were never allowed access to such a scarce resource. But any young turk who was unable to say please or thankyou, or unable to find a modicum of courtesey, would be sent down to see the RQMS, for said items.

    He keeps a large supply of tins in the expense store, next to the long pull-though weights.

    No mate says LSGT B***** the QMs clerk, you want the para centre for spray on fablon, they keep it behind the sky-hooks.

    < do they use maps?? is that the paper stuff they used to use before GPS??>
  5. Does covering grot mags to hide in your TAMs count?
  6. YES! Pornography is an all important resource for the British Soldier (second only to alcohol), and if you fablon your grot then it's easily wipeable and will last much longer.
  7. spray on fablon, is that the same stuff as used in the Sado sm world...

    or am i on the wrong track
  8. Nahhh, laminate it then you can pass it round to all your mates without the edges getting too tatty, plus they can do a turn as table mats afterwards.

  9. hi, they sell in big 15m rolls on ebay!! :D
  10. Try looking up ascetate as an alternative term... that's what we called the stuff in the US Army and I'm sure there are web based retailors for it out there.
  11. Irrelevant fact, but a fabloned (well fire proof laminated, but close enough) porn pic was taken to the Moon on Apollo XII.

    Astronaut Dave Scott was in charge of designing the wrist worn checklist for the Moonwalkers and he surreptitious placed a topless pic into Pete Conrad and Al Bean’s list.

    They did not discover it until they turned the page on the lunar surface at the Ocean of Storms.

    I’ll get me coat.........

    PS I'll get both my coats because I have the autographs of all 3 of them, feckin spotter that I am. :oops:
  12. WHSmith still sells the 4m stuff.