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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by OneEyePI, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice.

    I would really like to get back in touch with a couple of mates from a while back. I did my basic with them in the R Sigs, but have lost contact and both have left the army. Fortunately for me, MCM DIV looks after Sigs and Int (both my former capbadges), so I was thinking of starting there. Friends Reunited are not yielding any results. Has anyone else had any success? Is there a better place to try other than MCM DIV? I know that one of the two should still be on the reserves list. Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. Try this mate.

    Maybe it will help. You supply your email, others supply theirs and Bob's your Uncle, they act as a secure go-between.
  3. ICA will not supply addresses but will forward pre-paid letters. they will not have the details of any R SIGNALS types unless they transfered.

    MCM Div will not be permitted to give out addresses (Data-protection Laws).

    You could always try Soldier Magazine if they are still serving.
  4. i've got an upto date copy of info disk if their names are not too common or you know their initials and place of origi I might be able to help

    i've had success helping other people recently

    pm me if i can help
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately ICA wont be any use as I knew these guys whilst in the Sigs, not the Int Corps.

    the_butler, PM sent.


  6. right back at you
    pm that is
  7. Thanks mate, owe you a pint or three.