Finding an old AAC hand

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by cupoftea, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. I'm trying to help my dad track down an old friend who he used to work with in the Far East.

    A Colonel John Tippen (retired AAC). He was already retired (50-60ish) when my dad met him in the late 80s... he flew in Korea and Kenya and plenty of other places and apparently the spams liked him so much they gave him a special badge (silver wings?) which allowed him to take his pick from their hangars providing the aircraft wasn't imminently required.

    Probably quite a long shot but if anyone knows of this old pilot I would very much appreciate a PM or failing that do you think my dad would have much luck going to the AAC for an address?

  2. if you still need help to track John down... . He lives in Farnham, Surrey
  3. You might want to remove your post, or at least your phone number.

    Why not send a PM instead?

    Edited to add that: as the OP was last on here nearly two years ago the only realistic chance of him reading your message will be to PM him.
  4. Too late deleting, The Slugster will have it in her black book by now.
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  5. Ah yes, I'm fortunate not to receive 3am calls. :)
  6. Cupoftea, if you know his full name, you can ask the AAC Association to pass on your details to him, if he's still a member.

    AACA Secretary
    Regimental Office
    HQ AAC
    Middle Wallop
    SO20 8DY

    Good luck