Finding a WW1 service record

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wireless_barf, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Im trying to locate my great grandfathers service record, who i have recently found out served with the KOYLI, but i cant make head nor tail of the National Archives website!

    Can anyone direct me to a site which has a workable search and wont cost me loads of money?

    Annoyingly, i dont have his first name (my grandad wrote it down for me but i dont have it here), otherwise i would contact KOYLI archive in pontefract directly (and plead with them again to let me take the KOYY(LI) transition parade photo away fro copying)
  2. Would they let you take a photo of it with a digital camera (good in low light conditions, so no flash may be needed)? These searches take a lot of time, are full of false leads, and you are extremely fortunate to have found any photos at all. I hope they will be able to give you a copy.

    I have similar problems tracking one of my my grandfathers. He was in the British Indian Army before WW1, was probably out when it started, but may have gone back in for the Basra expedition, and possibly WW2. I bought some Hart's Army Lists from Naval & Military Press (excellent service), but the most likely one did not have a list of BIA officers.

    Good luck with your search. :)
  3. Do you have his Army number?
    If you do then PM it to me with his surname and any other details you have and I will look it up on (I'm a signed up paying member) so I'm happy to see what I can find for you.
    I did the same for my own GGrandfather and got his Medal Role entry, Pension Record and medical forms so I may be lucky for you too.


  4. TZA,
    No, im afraid i dont have his number. A name comes up in the pensions list on that is the correct full name and location 'George Albert Holbrey, Doncaster', but of course thats as far as i can get

    Id be grateful if you wouldnt mind taking a look


    the photo is a fairly new one, 1996ish, i want a copy because im on it! be a nice thing for my son to have, he's only got my capbadge and belt, oh and a S10!

    They wouldnt let me remove it from the frame, or take it away from the office. I did try with a dig camera but didnt have a polarizing filter to remove the reflections from the glass.
  5. TZA

    I am sending you a PM. If you could help or point me in the direction would much appreciate it.

  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    As you knew your grandfather, send for his birth certificate which should have HIS father's name on it.

    NB a majority of WW1 records that would otherwise have made it to TNA were lost to a fire in WW2 (and to the water used to put the fire out). But you might be one of the lucky ones whose forebear's record survived.
  7. I still know my grandfather, Hes Stanley Holbrey and still with us. Was a reserved occupation Brass Founder during ww2, at the railway plant works in doncaster. He gave me my great grandfathers name and told me he was with koyli, but thats all he knew.

    Interesting about the fire, maybe the koyli archives might have something, but im having trouble getting a working email address for them.
  8. Many of the Service Records from WW1 were lost during the Blitz in WW2. They got a direct hit and many of them were burnt to ashes. The one thing you can try are medal record cards on some web sites as most of these survied
  9. I have been trying to trace records of relations who served in WW1 nd have found it easier to track down info on two relations who died in the war than those who survived but Im slowly making progress I found talking to older relations helps a lot they have small pieces of info that might seem insignificant but just one tiny piece of info can make a big difference
  10. This should be your man as there is only one listed.

    MIC at the national archive

    Description Medal card of Holbrey, George A
    Corps Regiment No Rank
    King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 6469 Private
    King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 242569 Private

    Date 1914-1920
    Catalogue reference WO 372/9

    On ancestry there is a man of the same name joining the territorials 1911 KOYLI discharged in 1916 with a service number of 1559. 5 pages on ancestry. Could be the same person with a service number change.

    ancestry link to mic and 5 pages of info

    You can joing ancestry free for 14 day but remember to cancel it.

    If you get major problems PM me and I will download them for you Tomorrow