Finding a Safe Haven for the End of the World

well, its a new day here in the True North Strong and Free and I'm thinking its time to put the LNV fiasco behind me and move on to the really important things like where not to stand when the world comes to an end..

Seems you can calculate where to stand and duck when the asteroid or comet or mammoth piece of space junk ' splashes down ' ..

[ man, don't you just love the internet?? there's a site for EVERYTHING! ]

anyway if something big is heading to Earth you can calculate the crater size, energy release and effect on surrounding areas of the impact..

just go to:

have fun.. you should see what it can do to California!!
The best and safest place to be is anyplace that allows you to say, WTF was that.

I wonder if anyone called 9-1-1 to complain about the loud crying coming from a house in Medford? As they take her away, she was heard saying. but, but no one will come on line and play with me anymore.

At some point we will have to put all of that behind us and move on with our lives...........well maybe not yet. "Revenge is a soup best served cold!"
Better even that loud wailing and gnashing of teeth from Medford than the amplified mooing of the muezzuins on loudspeakers from five mosques 5x a day from 6am to 10pm WTF town in Michigan all on the altar of PC.

Watch your property values go down, folks.

Imagine if the Christian churches asked to blast A Might Fortress or Onward Christian Soldiers 5x a day to summon the faithful to prayer. Yeah like they'd allow that!! Screw 'em all.

If the Church's bells are allowed to be heard then so should the 5 calls of prayer from a mosque. If the residents dont mind the loud alarming sound of nearby church bells, I dont think they would be affected by the 5 Daily Athans, that will be carried out at a very low amplitude. At least they're (the Muslim community) considerate and think of their neighbours comfort while still preforming their praying duties 5 times a day.
Sad to say..know nothing 1939 is closer to correct on this one... In my baileywick, most jurisdictions have passed bylaws prohibitiing churches from ringing bells except on Sunday mornings [ used to be many rang them at 9, noon and 4 etc.. ]

but the prohibition wasn't anti-religious.. it was the Godless heathens in their condo's who were pissed they couldn't sleep in or some such... same ones as complained when they moved out of the city and bought an overpriced monster home in " Country Glen " estates and found out they'd bought next to a pig farm and then fought tooth and nail with the local council to ban the smelly pig operation that had been there two hundred years because it ' bothered ' them on hot days when they tried to BBQ in the back yard.. [ should sue the real estate agent for selling them a crock but no..]..

ain't religious bigotry, its stupidity...

and boy do we seem to have enough to go round...not in the military , of course, unless we're talking about officers above a certain rank
Rocketeer, it is sad to say but the PC crowd has eaten it's way into the senior enlisted ranks as well as the officers corp. Being close to Fort Leonard Wood here in Missouri, I've had the opportunity to talk with a lot of senior Noncoms and the bullship that comes out of their mouths is right out of the PC handbook. I'm talking about First Sergeant and Sergeant Majors, these are the senior enlisted leaders and they talk like they are affraid someone will over hear their conversation and report them to the PC Police. Damn, I'm sure glad I retired when I did, because I would wind up on somebody's sh*t list. Hell I stayed in so much trouble just looking out for my troops as it was and I sure didn't need all of the PC crapolla either. It's unfu*kin believable

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