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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jerrycan2793, Dec 17, 2010.

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  1. Trying to find a person last seen 1990ish. As it stands we have a brief description, full name and a date in which he was convicted. We also know which prison he went to. What we dont know is what happened after he left prison his exact age or any previous addresses.

    Prior to his sentencing we believe he was homeless so if he returned to that we can assume the most likely result of our search is we find a grave. He was in his mid 40's Approx on this conviction.

    Does anyone know of any websites which have newspaper archives in particular for the Leeds area?
    Is there a record of deaths which I can access as a member of the public?

    Anyone have any ideas on how to narrow down the search?

    All sensible ideas welcome.
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Try "", or the" Yasney " websites
  3. Hi,
    As already mentioned try and another one is Those sites use the electoral role and can sometimes come up trumps!
    One other option is to pay someone( private investigator etc) to do a search using credit reference agencies as we all leave a trail of info even when we pay a bill etc.

    Good luck

    R M
  4. The Death indices up until 2005 are searcheable on Ancestry, or in the National Archive, if you dont have any access or cant get to the NA PM the name and any details you have and I will have a quick look on Ancestry for you.
  5. Does he owe you a tenner?
  6. 20 quid, where is the national archive?
  7. its at kew
  8. Its at Kew, see here
  9. That's an excuse for a road trip cheers
  10. i'm not 100% but i think you can search it online
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  12. Looks like I have my work cut out
  13. Your first question implied that you wanted to check the published details of the court case; copies of all newspapers are held by the British Library at the Newspaper Library in North London. You have to visit and register. Watch the rules! Details of court cases are locked for 100 years.

    If you think he is dead, working your way through the Death Register is your first option. I can also check on-line if you want. If he might have croaked in Scotland, ISTR that the only way is to search the registers in Edinburgh (or employ a researcher). The recent deaths are not on-line.

    If he is still alive and in the UK and is on the long electoral roll, I can search for him on You can conduct a couple of searches if you register. That will not help you if he has a common name, has recently moved, is not on the register or has elected to remain invisible on the short register.

    If he has moved to another country or has died overseas, then you are up the creek without a paddle! The Sally Army offers a very good tracing service if you have a good reason; an outstanding debt of £20 might not be a good reason!!!