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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by smudge_budge, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Had a mate from this cap badge who's out now and I'm trying to find his contact details.

    Last I saw him was before he was sent back from Sangin halfway through our 45Commando tour. he asked the monkeys to look into XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and your lot sent him home and I havent seen him since so hope one of you can give me a steer.

    just want to give him a bell and see how he got on with all that stuff, and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


    Edited by mod - see below.
  2. From Mod: you've put information on this post that would potentially jeopardise an investigation which might be sub judice. please PM me if you want to contact this individual, and i will give you a steer on how best to obtain it (when i'm satisfied with your credentials).

    i would also ask that you refrain from posting potentially libellous comments about the second individual. i have no idea what incident you are referring to, or whether it is true, but i don't like new posters joining the site and making unsubstantiated comments about a colleague.

    suggest you PM me before proceeding with further posts on this subject. if you repeat what you typed first time, or anything potentially libellous about an identifiable individual, i will remove the thread and request that your account be blocked.

  3. If I feel like finding a mate I just fly to Thailand.

    Form a queue ladies ...
  4. With all those XXXs and it being Valentine's Day you have to rejoice in the beauty of human spirit.
  5. I saw him by the green shed.
  6. Shakin Stevens wants to have a word with you.
  7. Is that the shed that looks like a boathouse that might (or might not) be green?
  8. I thought it may or may not be red??
  9. It's green we can take that as red-or so I hear
  10. And to think that if CR was still tied up in whatever he was doing until last week, this whole thread would be a damn sight juicier. Goddamn you CR... :)
  11. relax, i'll be tied up again this week.

    "you keep the skin wet, i'll get some ropes" ;)
  12. Blimey CR! Such responsibility shown from one so young. The boathouse in Heerford is blue btw! - ask Robert de Niro. The colour in Hereford is still sub judice - ask CR.
  13. Never mind all that. I think I can help. The man you are looking for is currently under deep cover in Wales. Look at the pic below. At the top of the pic in the distance just left of centre you will see the prow of a traditional Welsh coracle emerging from behind the trees. Your man is standing on the deck of the coracle. You didnt get this from me, ok?

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  14. ok mate

    not sure why you did that as i thought it was all well known by now and i didnt think i said anything but fact in that first message

    im not sure what a pm is mate.

  15. Smudge_budge, please confirm that you were in the Int Corps, as this would confirm a number of peoples preconceptions. Thanks.