Finding a lost Mobile?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by stejones, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know how to locate a mobile that has been lost/stolen?

    Lost my phone last night when i was out, ive heard of App's that can "track" the phones position

    Anyone been in the same situation?

  2. Have you tried ringing it?
    Unless you have those apps loaded on the phone before you lose it I don't think you can load them onto it after you lose it.
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  3. Phone ya network to get it blocked first, and most stalker sites dont work
  4. Rang it and its been turned off, some lad i used to know lost his phone and found it through an iphone app by just putting his number into it
  5. Try International rescue.
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  6. As I thought, some **** stole it.
  7. No mate, not yet. I was looking through the apps and that seemed to be the only one that you could install after the event.

    Let us know if it works.
  8. Or the local pawn shop.
  9. I use Tektrak - but as everybody points out - you need to have it installed on your phone first. Then there's usually the issue of if the phone is turned off - It give off no signal (wifi/3g), no signal, nothing to trace.

  10. Ten bleeding letters
  11. You can't use a locked emei account unless the original account holder authorises it