Finding a lost Mobile?


Does anyone know how to locate a mobile that has been lost/stolen?

Lost my phone last night when i was out, ive heard of App's that can "track" the phones position

Anyone been in the same situation?

Rang it and its been turned off, some lad i used to know lost his phone and found it through an iphone app by just putting his number into it
I use Tektrak - but as everybody points out - you need to have it installed on your phone first. Then there's usually the issue of if the phone is turned off - It give off no signal (wifi/3g), no signal, nothing to trace.

Does anyone know how to locate a mobile that has been lost/stolen? No

Lost my phone last night when i was out, ive heard of App's that can "track" the phones position I have too.

Anyone been in the same situation? No.

Thanks You're welcome.... ten fuckin letters

Ten bleeding letters
Is your locked to a particular network? If so, phone them and ask them to look up your IMEI number and see if it's being used on another acount.
You can't use a locked emei account unless the original account holder authorises it


Okay, it's Crimbo and lots of us will have new mobys including the sprogs. And I have some spare time so bear with this all. I'm bored and lost a N97 Mini last year. Theft is a two way street, try calling abroad, roaming, or not pressing the red end call button, end result big debts and payment plans.

Don't bank on the provider being able to justify any massive bills. If you're worried... it takes two minutes to kill the direct debit leaving you with the cash still in the Bank, and time to sort out the complaint. The alternative is a big hole in your account and fcuk you from the provider.

In my experience, the phone companies seem to place all the onus and responsibilities on their customers. Ignorance is no excuse with these people. Now it's a cheap scruffy PAYG handset for work at five quid a top up, and the S2 for "sunday best". S2 is tethered to my pocked in a cheap, ideal, leather phone wallet from the bag shop, tied on elastic or a lanyard. Lock screen is always on, comes on after five minutes, okay so it's a ballache having to put the password in every time but after a few days....Also my ugly mug's on the lock screen, and the phone is etched with ID. Try and deny it's mine.

All my non sensitive phone details, photos of the phone, serial numbers, are uploaded on to the cloud. Account online with Vodafone and regularly check up on it, calls, costs, etc.

Why do people fork out for swish hard covers, and custom cases, when your local bag shop's got one that's ideal, or the Pound Shop sells hard cases meant for other things but which suit us just fine. They even do sim cards on most networks. Yes I've lost phones and argued with the shops. No joy if no insurance or even one time, no EMEI number from me so they wouldn't block the phone on Vodafone PAYG. Most of them don't give a flying fcuk IMHO. This time of year it's the profits drive , fill the Tills. How many shops have sales races? Blag an invite to/gatecrash their Christmas parties and sales presentations. I kid you not.

At point of sale, thrash out the what-ifs. If your phone's gone AWOL it might just be a free replacement sim and keep paying full whack for the contract. Minus your shiny new mobile. And there are Android Apps , on the Market, app/virus scanners, surfing security, parental controls, calls and text security, lost device location and protection. Some of them with 30 days trial. Certain conditions may render these Apps useless. Multitude of mobile security things available including finding a lost mobile, by logging on to a website and possibly tracing the phone's location. Just don't lock yourself out with your own security. Like I said, nothing is foolproof.

Check whether your Bank account comes with phone insurance, some of them do, including some Cooperative Bank Privilige accounts. Register the allowed number of handsets with the Bank for your insurance. There may be no need to take out insurance at point of sale if you have this type of account but it's worth reading the terms and conditions and comparing cover.

Protecting you - I have lost my phone, what should I do? -Vodafone-Help . Vodafone for instance, say they can block a phone with the EMEI number, cripple the sim and stop texts and calls on a lost device even when the sim is changed. And there may be a seven day reporting limit on insurances so tell the phone provider and your insurance ASAP. Which most of us but not all,would know.

If your mobile phone gets misplaced, lost, or stolen – inform the the network provider who can then put the serial number (the IMEI number for the phone) on a shared database. Get the EMEI number by dialling *#06# This list stops a missing phone from registering on any network and may be useless for anyone even if the mobile phone’s SIM card is changed.
The IMEI number is also useful to unlock mobile phones and get them working once they are found. So find and write down your IMEI number, you never know when it might be useful. All mobile phones are assigned a unique 15 digit IMEI code upon production. You can check all known information regarding manufacturer, model type, and country of approval of a handset.
And to get all the information – try the IMEI Number Analysis – International Numbering Plans, © 2001-2011.

If all this has been said already, sorry. Just looking at Trendmicro

I said I was bored, did I?

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