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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cheekymc, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone honestly find a date on here?

    Just curious you understand,,, I'm not military so a little naive to you guys...

    What the hell, I'm up for a date with a single male squaddie if you are!!! So anyone based near Edinburgh give me a shout. Quite fancy a fun night out..
  2. Welcome to the site Cheekymc. But incase you hadn't noticed, this isn't a dating site, you could try

  3. aww that's sweet, I should be careful though; any single male squaddie worth his salt will rag you senseless in the grounds of the castle...

  4. Welcome cheekymc, if you try hard enough I'm sure you'll find someone on here, I have it on good authority that a number of people on this site have 'hooked up'!! Don't give up :D
  5. Edited to remove it!! :D

    Welcome aboard, Cheeky!

  6. no but you'll get some interesting insults if you try hard enough mc!

    good luck with this lot!

  7. I think (if you really wanna date one of this lot :? ), the best approach seems to be to post a interesting question ....... then engage in a bit of humourous banter ...... maybe flirt a little :? .

    But if you come in wearing the old "I WANT A MAN" placard, you might be asking for trouble ......... (as they say "prepare for incoming!!!!!")

    ......... but I'm happy to be corrected ...........
  8. Cheekymc, perhaps a good way to start would be to post a picture of yourself in the gallery area? :)

    Beebs x
  9. At least you will be guarenteed some real heartfelt abuse that way :)
  10. Beebs, have you posted a picture of yourself in the gallery?
  11. Why you after dating me?

  12. Had a look on 'The truth behind the username' in the gallery, but didn't see any of the familiar usernames that's all!

  13. Aye, you're a monkey!

    Beebs :D
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    Up for stalking Beebs huh? Trust me, her picture is in the gallery, on that note, have a happy search!
  15. No stalking BBC!
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