FIndind Photos of a Local WII regiment

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Pimmo2000, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. I hope I'm in the right place !!

    I spotted a photo of a regiment in a local Pub and it actually had my uncle in it.

    My dad was made up to see it.. I would really love to get more photos or even that photo for him for Christmas !

    I dont know if anyone can help.. but I'm looking for

    433rd Battery 149th Regiment R.H.A Hoylake from 1939 !!

    I would be fantastic if anyone can :D
  2. There is a book:

    'Shabash 149: the story of the 149th Regt RA 1939-45' by a Captain EW Capleton published Liverpool in 1963 by C Tinling & Co

    Could be the same regt. Prob out of print but a good book search company will find it.

    Google 149 regt ra
  3. Pimmo, it was either a large pub or a small regiment!
    Your best bet is to go via the Regimental assoc, other resources include the likes of Forcesreunited etc.
  4. lol it was a picture of the WHOLE regiment... Pub is just tapping into local History..

    Will do as advised .. thanks
  5. My Uncle was a Sargent, Hubert Morris .. does anyone know him?
  6. FYI

    The actions of the Hoylake regiment are commemorated on a special plaque which was designed by Sgt Hubert Morris. It was unveiled at Hoylake Town Hall in 1951 and moved to West Kirby Concourse on Remembrance Sunday in 1981. A further Regimental Memorial plaque was placed in St Hildeburghís Church and dedicated by the then vicar, the Rev Peris Williams.
  7. Sorry for the posts but

    149th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery

    then became

    British 8th Army ñ the Desert Rats
  8. RE: Sergeant Hubert Morris
    Your Uncle is mentioned in the book 'Shabash-149' on page 55.
    Apparentley he designed the Regimental Flash of a 'Lighthouse on a red & blue diamond'.