Find out what Civvy Qualifications you are entitled to

I've just come back from a briefing at Gib from the RE-CPD team. These guys will find out what your trade and other promotion courses are equivalent to in civvy street, and then get you those certificates for free. Most courses now will have some NVQ award attached to it.

Not many people know about it, and so don't use it. You can also apply for a bursary (upto £600) to top up your learning credits for various courses.
So the humble Fitter Re who used to be an Advanced Contractors Plant Mechanic amonsgt six other quals now get a Level 3 Eng Maint, mmmm how we advacne.

But then screen name probably covers that off- Fitter RE all the way-perhaps that should now read fatter fitter re all the way:)

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