Find a WW2 Officer

Its an interesting site, but the information is patchy, Looked up the first officers I could think of: Lty Cols R H Bellamy and F P Barclay, successive commanders of the 1st Bn Royal Norfolk Regiment after D Day..

No mention of bellemy, but Barclay is there, but not m,entioned as the 2IC then CO of the battalion.
scarletto said:
I think its a work in progress, rather than set in stone.
Your right there, but what a brilliant reserch tool
Damned good find there, scarletto: hours of anorak fun finding people like this - Shearer,
William Alan Watson. Commisioned into Seaforth Highlanders, taken prisoner, sometime member of British Free Corps (!?) but considered too unbalanced by the Germans and later repatriated under a Red Cross exchange.


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