Finanical Implication of Leaving BFG

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bullshit, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. I am leaveing Germany and have been hit with two clangers for my Mr and Mrs B's mobile phone contracts. Basically say that they will not cancel until 2008 coz of some dumb contract which obvioulsy I signed but did not really understand. OK, my mistake etc etc but here is a "hyperthetical question"; what if Me and Mrs B just shut our German bank accound down, would they go to the bother of tracing me down in the UK??

    Any experience or comment on this?


  2. Yes. Nearly the same. I left Germany in Mar this year and Vodaphone Germany were trying to ping me for charges up until Aug this year. I wrote a grovelling letter or two (can't remeber how many) explaining my position - dumb Brit etc - and they bought it.

    Told them what magnificent chaps they were (spoke to some very helpful English speaking assistants at their HQ) and hoped I was doing my bit for anyone following in my wake. I earnestly suggest you contact them, apologise for not speaking German, but if you can even better, and explain your predicament. Don't try and take them on - I don't think it will work. As for tracking you back to Uk, I'm afraid I can't help.

    Good luck amigo.
  3. In my time in Germany I generally found the local liason office staff to be very helpful at this sort of thing.
  4. Had the same with Vodaphone. Even used a native to help me explain my circumstances. They weren't interested. Not even the slightest adjustment. Closed down my bank account and left. Haven't heard a thing from them.

    Just remember to go with 02 if you are ever posted back.
  5. I have occasionally heard of German firms pursuing debts here, but it's usually the banks, who employ a UK collection agency or solicitor to do it, and then only for large amounts.

    As Biscuits says, choose another provider next time!
  6. Was T-Mobile admitedly not Vodafone but when one of the guys left a couple of years ago, they just asked for a copy of the posting order to cancel the contract early
  7. Had the same dramas with ARCOR earlier this year, took my case straight to Army Legal Assistance and they sorted everything out. I only wish I had gone to them sooner rather than waste time worrying about the accumulating bill.

    PM me for a point of contact there.
  8. ARCOR and Deutsche Telekom will be happy to terminate your contract on production of your posting order. Just stick a short letter in there with it. If you want a template, PM me.
  9. On second thoughts, here you go.

    Arcor AG & Co.KG
    Postfach 10 25 63
    45025 Essen

    (Date of letter)

    Betreff: Kd-Nr: (Your account number)
    Rkt-Nr (Can't remember)
    Kd-Name (Your name)

    Sehr geehrtes Arcor Team,

    Hiermit möchte ich meinen vertrag mit ihnen bis zum (Insert date you want the service to stop) aufheben.

    Ich werde durch das militär aus Deutschland versetzt und benötige daher in zukunft keinen telefon anschluss bei ihnen.

    Mit Freundlichem Gruβ

    (your name)

    Hope that helps.
  10. I am now in the same situation - Vodaphone trying to bill me until March 2008 because of some clause in the contract that was never explained to me.
    I have written letter after letter includng a copy of my posting order (which now means that they have my UK address) but they still want the money. My contract ran for the agreed 24 month period and foolishly I thought I would be able to cancel it any time after that, but apparently you can only cancel it in a 3 month period before before the end of contract (weird)
    Anyway moral of this story is
    [align=center]Do not use Vodaphone in Germany[/align]
  11. You will probably find that your contract contains a 'Gravierenden Ausnahmen' clause. This allows for cancellation of the contract in situations such as death, emigration and imprisonment. In my experience companies will accept that a permanent posting away from germany meets these criteria. You may have to provide proof, to show that you are not just trying it on.


  12. Yep, If you go to the dealership with a copy of your assignment order they may make you pay the balance (as this happened to me) but they will cease your contract.
  13. I was with E plus and they really conned me with there contract and displayed the utmost of selective english speaking ability whenever I needed to speak to them, spoke perfect english when they wanted to speak to me. The bill ran upto 5000 euros + and I was due posting back to UK.
    Well, whats a guy to do?

    Haven't heard a thing since but would never get a contract phone again.
  14. My civvy work colleague (German) does this for people on a weekly basis. The deal with Vodafone is that all they require is a notice of termination such as:

    Vodafone D2 GmbH
    per Fax: 0511-7803852

    KUNDENNUMMER _______ - TELEFONNUMMER – _______________

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    hiermit kuendige ich meinen Mobilfunkvertrag zum (date you wish to end) mit der Telefonnummer
    (your mobile number).

    Für eventuelle Rueckfragen stehe ich Ihnen gerne zur Verfuegung.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen


    And a copy of your posting/assignment order. There should be no more problems after that.
  15. What is the German word for " You c unts"