Financing final move

I understand that the MoD will bung us all some cash when making our final move out of SFA to our own house etc - essentially pay for the move. But, if you emmigrate to Canada or Aussie - how much do you get?
There is something about serving overseas and retiring overseas. I finished in May 07 and was in Germany. I decided to move to Florida and I was able to claim (towards my move) upto the cost if a notional move to Catterick.

There was an application form which went in through the unit pay staff and I was given the figure of £4800. I used M&S shipping as they have an office in Washington DC and my bill came to £2700, so I could claim it all back.

The thing is that you have to retire overseas from overseas and have not done your last 6 in the UK.

As I understand it, you do not get paid for your final move if you are in UK.
I had to apply for my last posting to be within 50 miles of where I wanted to settle.
As I expected, i was told to f off. But that letter was then my authority to claim my final move.

My advice would be to make sure you ask for your last posting/last 6 months to be where you want to settle.
Final tour of duty package is UK only, however, if you are in an overseas theatre on discharge you can get stuff for your final move if you settle at said overseas theatre, as said, there has been a recent DIN out on this issue.

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