Financial Retention Initiatives - Good thing?


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Would you sign on again for an extra couple of Thou?  There is a lot of talk about targeting certain trade groups that are prone to shortage by throwing money at them.

If you were (or are) a VM, or Scaleyback, or pilot, do you think this a good idea, or divisive, or would you just take the money and run?

Unfortunately, no-one is ever going to throw money at me, so it's pure jealousy ( and nosiness) leading to this :'(


Financial incentives are a short term fix.  We had them in the signals for years within the technician trade with the £2000 bonus at the 5 and 8 year points.  I think they have been discontinued now...I'm not sure.

Within the Foreman of Signals roster, there was a £10,000 bonus for the successful completion of the 18 month degree course needed for qualification.  There then followed a 5 year ban on signing off that had to be signed.

I hear through the grapevine that they are now stopping this incentive as well.  Strange seeing that we are so short of Foreman of Signals in the Corps.  Since Pay 2000, there are RD blanket stackers and the like earning more than the Foreman and Yeoman of Signals.

What incentive is there to slog you guts out for 18 months (not forgetting the year of preparation it takes to actually get selected for the course) when the SQMS earns more than you.  Bollox I say.

There is another rumour though that there are large pay increases across the board for us techy types in the pipeline.

Believe it when I see it.
Here's a good 'un - from 01 Apr 03, Scaley recruits with certain class 3 trades get £2500 retention bonus with NO extra service required.  Where's the retention in that ?


I would sign on again for fcuk all if they still wanted me.

The pay could be a bit fairer dealt out, (Never mind).

My Corps higherarchy's fault maybe.

However I would be there more for the love of the job and not the pay.

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I agree that the financial retention is a short term fix.
I would be much happier to recieve a formal professional qualification rather than the money.


Market rate for doing the job would help.  Pay offs and bonuses are nice but you can't count on them as a regular source of income and why put up with things if you could get more on civvy steet?
Not taxing the boys when deployed on operations and then taking their absence payment might be a start....

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