Financial Retention Incentive!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by error_unknown, Jan 29, 2002.

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  1. Duty rumour has it that there will be an announcement to the House tomorrow of the latest aircrew FRI. Needless to say PPrune is full of Crabs going on about how much they deserve it (yawn). I have to say I don't but if I get it (which is unlikely) will certainly nejoy spending it!
  2. If their past form is anything to go by the retention incentive will be "pointing out that a lot of people in the civil airline world have just been made redundant!!"

    Quite agree with Sumo 664 that he isn't worth any extra money that may come his way but I wish him and the rest of you the best of luck and a great time spending it. ;D
  3. Have heard of your FRI officially and just wanted to say that I think that each and everyone of you deserve it. You really do have a hard job, probably the hardest in the Army and I think that it is high time that the Government paid an honest shilling. I am naturally envious although still maintain, that like most of you AAC chaps, I would do it if they didnt pay, if I could only be one of you.

    There acknowledgement from outside the Corps. Now no need to take the piss on every board for the next 3 months thank you very much chaps!!
  4. Thanks for the sentiments Tara and Adanuff but for those of you who haven't heard here it is:

    "The AFPRB recommended the introduction of the following financial retention incentives from 1 Apr 2002 each with a 5 year return of service:

    a. £30 000 at 5 years before the immediate pension point payable to pilots, navigators, RN observers, officer rearcrew and selected NCO pilots;

    b. £50 000 (for pilots, navigators and RN observers) and £30 000 (for officer rearcrew and selected NCO pilots) at the immediate pension point.

    Transition arrangements will apply and financial retention incentives may be abated for those with less than 5 years return of service and those subject to previous retention initiatives.  Detailed eligibility criteria will be promulgated by the single services."


    1. Wonder who selected NCO pilots are? QHIs no doubt.

    2. Detailed eligibility criteria?

    Oh flying pay went up by 3.7% from 1 Apr as well.
  5. Sumo mate,
    I think we should get our first payment in the summer of next year.  Any ideas on how you are going to spend it.  See i told you this flying lark was worthwhile!!
  6. Fast cars, wine and women ...... the rest I might waste!
  7. Sumo & Co, best of luck to the lot of you. That's a hell of a lot of pies!!!!!

    Don't forget to invite me uo (or is it over) to celebrate!!! By the way, with that sort of bonus YOU are paying!!! ;D

    I don't think that I would have fallen into the catagory of selected SNCO pilots to receive the dosh, all the same, what you never had you won't miss.

    Life is a hell of a lot better now for myself and (more impotantly)  the family.

    Glad to see that they are finally starting to realise the worth of their drivers! 8)
  8. I fancy a cut in on some of that extra pay malarky.

    Can I be a pilot please?

    I can pass a BFT and drink s h i t loads of beer.
  9. Can I have an financial incentive please?  Otherwise I and the other BATS won't fix your dreadful Lynx ;)    (Not that it is easy now what with no spares and limited manpower)
  10. There is no doubt that the FRI is completely unnecessary for the AAC as there isn't a shortage of pilots.  The money would have been better spent sorting out the shambles that is Pay 2000 particularly for aircraft/avionic techs or the state of the blocks, etc.  

    I massively sympathise with groundcrew/REMEs who see their aircrew colleagues getting huge lumps of dosh on top of flying pay.  Having said that my view isn't going to change the price of fish...........
  11. I see nothing has changed in the 6 years since I left. The aircrew get fatter and richer and the poor, hard done to groundies still have to rumage in bins for their daily crust!
  12. ...f'kin how much??!!??  :eek: :eek: :eek:
  13. Tara - "the hardest job in the Army"!!! What!! Since when?
  14. why not give the groundies a decent wage??? maybe then you still might have a groundcrew in 5 years or maybe not  :-X just think without them nobody to push and pull the cabs for you,refuel and re-arm, but of course the "aircrew" can do that can`t they?? B******s
  15. Exguterslohsoldr, I agree with your opinion wholeheartedly. If you read other threads on the subject you will see it wasn't driven by Army aviators and the reason why it will be awarded, we are just incredibly lucky. The fear of driving a massive split between air and ground crew thankfully hasn't materialised (yet!)