Financial Ombudsman Service.

Anyone got a copy of the PPI Consumer questionnaire?
Then link on their site is very poor,words all over the place.So if someone could please post a link,pretty please......
Same as the one I have Shiny.

Vvaannmmaann - I used that questionaire to reclaim PPI. That and a covering letter and I had just over £3k in my account 8 weeks later. The company didnt even try to argue the case. Its a good time to reclaim PPI.

Can I ask............ what do you intend to put as your justification for the refund, as this is key to whether or not your claim will be successful.
Thanks shiney,that the thing,but I cannot get it to work ( I'm a PC biff) Anyway they have put one in the post!
Spenny.I'm doing it to help my neighbour.Poor bugger can hardly see or hear.But from what I gather from CAB,if we go down the line of it being mis-sold on the grounds that it is not appropriate for his needs,the small print was not explained,the salesman has no financial knowledge which is detrimental and the salesman was pushy and told him that he had to have the ppi to ensure the application was processed.That should cover it.
However,it seems now that the BBA are mounting a legal challenge to the whole reclaiming process.Which is nice.

I tried to attach the file to a PM but it is too big. I would be happy to email the form to you if you want.


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