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sorry, this is more out of idle curiosity but is there a specific part of the Int Corp. that deals specifically with the financial capabilities of the enemy, e.g. the actual cashflow of independant units?


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It depends what you mean by "enemy". If you have in mind British independent units, "enemy" might be considered a bit strong, if not, how do you mean?

There are roles in the Int Corps which might see you being involved in researching some unique aspects of international finance and that kind of thing.
sorry I wasnt very clear, I was thinking more, if there are specific groups, for instance an independant insurgent faction, would their actual finances (on a day to day basis) and availability of funds to buy weaponry, food, how they raised cash locally and how much, be examined as a way of determining their overall capabilities? I was thinking more on a localised basis, and not internationally.

again, sorry if Im just asking a completely bone, pointless question.


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As a taxpayer, I'd be appalled if I thought that wasn't the subject of int interest, whether civilian or military in execution.
There is one Intelligence Corps unit which has extensive experience in analysing financial related crimes. ( and quick assembly office furniture)

Of course it goes without saying that the individual was successfully rehabilitated and even got his DV back

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