Financial incentives for fitness?



I was watching some net video about a Russian Rifles brigade introducing extra pay for the fittest members, to try to raise the average fitness levels in the unit.

Is it time we started considering something like this? Or perhaps the reverse? Fail a pft and get docked £100 a month until you pass it?


No point on trying to bribe Brits to get fit, as they'd only spend it on beer and fags...and pies.
Riflemen, I have read, used to qualify for a higher rate of pay for shooting to a high standard.

Judging by what I witnessed on the ranges a few weeks back I can only conclude that this would be a very cheap option...
I agree with the reverse option, Although it would be hard to impliment. There would have to be some exclusions, ie, blokes injuried fighting etc but if it's just a lazy fat Serviceman with nothing wrong medcially then i think it would work! I don't ever think we should pay extra for 'being fit', it's part of the job and a core component of what we do.
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