Financial Help For Private Operation

Since being discharged in Nov 08 my condition has deteriorated to the point where I now need another operation. It's taken me just over a year from seeing my new doctor and being referred to a specialist to now finally being offered an operation. Most of that year has been spent with me running round in circles with the NHS trying to find my docs etc from my last specialist.

Anyway, it now looks like they can't do my op until at least July so I'm thinking about going private and having it done. If I do go private (got no medical insurance) can I approach anyone like the British Legion etc for financial help towards it? Ironically, the doctor who would do the private op is the one who would also do the NHS op but months earlier!

So much for being treated as a priority patient!


Each case is looked at on it's own merits but the general rule is that a Benevolent Fund will not provide money for a private operation.
You can but ask though. Can't be more help than that I'm afraid.

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