Financial Difficulties

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by toffeeman, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. Alright Lads,

    Not too sure if this is the correct place to post but here goes.

    To cut a long story short I’m due to start Phase 1 Training 20th April and I’ve fallen into a few problems debt wise. Now i intend to have all these tied up come Basic Training except for my monthly loan & Credit Card repayments which have been ok'd by the ARMY. The thing is I came home today to a lovely 'Notice of Bailiff's Attendance' as a result of not paying council tax since i moved into my flat. I have always intended to pay it's just got out of hand.

    My question is, if I pay all what I owe prior to joining will anything like this hinder my joining from an ARMY perspective providing my outgoings are the same as I mentioned in my interviews?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Not at all, just make sure you are honest with the Army from the outset. When you finish training get straight in with the clerks and talk about the Get You Home Travel allowance. Basically if you are paying council tax on a civilian property the Army will pay for 2 trips home a month. Works out to be a nice little earner, should help you out. NB I understand you need to be the owner of the property to claim this.

  3. Nice one Maroon,

    No i've been renting mate and will be vacating the property in just over a month so it's not an ongoing payment just a lump sum to clear the debt.

    I was concerned because i haven't informed the Army of this as I've always intended to pay any outstanding debt prior to joining, bar the two mentioned above. Now those nasty bailiffs are involved it makes it slightly worse....e.g If i was to go into the careers office and answer the ''are you in debt?'' question with- well there's bailffs knocking on my door but it will all be sorted before i join, i would imagine the recruiter would be reluctant to accept me for the time being.

    I'm probably just worrying too much. If your happy the Army won't get wind of this and drop me like a bad habbit I'll just soldier on as they say.

  4. Not paying Council Tax is not a criminal offence. The issue of a liability order at the Magistrates Court does not create a criminal record, AND DOESNT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT RATING , unlike County Court judgements.

    The liability order is not an order to pay. It is an order which gives the holder a means of recovering the debt. In your case distraint. Committal (Imprisonment) can only be requested after distraint (the use of bailiffs) has proved unsuccessful. So if you dont pay, after a maximum of four attendances A REQUEST FOR COMMITAL WILL PROBABLY TAKE PLACE.

    My advice. Tomorrow phone the Bailiffs office first thing in the morning. Pay by debit or credit card over the phone. If they have to reattend your address to collect money they will add a further charge. Once you have paid request a receipt showing full and final payment.

    If you have no money at the moment:
    Do not park your car anywhere near your house. (Unless it is registered in another name - it will be DVLA checked). If your vehicle is levied (listed for seizure) outside of your house and a notice is left (called a Walking Possession Agreement) the Bailiff can return and can legally enter your property. If you keep all your windows and doors closed (and locked) then a Bailiff cannot force entry into your house if he has not levied any assets. An asset sighted inside your house (like a tv seen from outside) cannot be levied and listed on the Walking Possession inventory. Only sighted assets on a COMMERCIAL premises can be levied.

    In short: Dont sign anything, dont even open the door without a chain being on the door. Also check to see that when you make your way to the vehicle hiden away from the house you are not observed. Bailiffs often sit and wait.

    Conclusion: Pay now. Sleep soundly at night. Your choice if you declare it however the details are not held on your credit file, criminal file, or in the registry...

    Ill PM you my work number. Give me a ring in the morning and ill give you more advice if you cant pay right now.
  5. Good advice from Bossdog. I'd take heed to what he's just said.
  6. Whilst I bow to your greater knowledge, Bossdog, I thought the Gubmint had created a criminal case for not paying one's Council Tax? Which is why the Gubmint has jailed several people (usually old totties on very low incomes) for not doing so...

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    It isnt a criminal case if Bailiffs are ordered in! Have you thought about keeping the flat on whist you serve?
  8. I believe if the Bailiffs make three visits without any luck it's then referred back to the Magistrates who will then give me a Warrant for a court appearance. From that point I could be looking at possible jail time/record depending on how I handle it.

    No I’m leaving the flat in a few weeks Ugly, just won't be able to afford it on Army pay (can only just about manage now on decent pay), plus there's no justification spending most of my wages on something I won't be using.

    How would the Army find out if I was in more debt than I initially they monitor your spending/outgoings?

    I would have thought as soon as it’s in the bank it's yours to spend as you see fit.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I wouldnt have thoughtthat the Army could tell if you were in debt unless of course you were summonsed after joining. Clear it and you should be ok!
  10. "Clear it and you should be ok!”

    God I wish it was that easy mate!

    I'll have a word with my Recruiter tomorrow to see if increased outgoings will be a problem.

  11. The Army does not monitor your expenditure; what ends up in your account is yours.

    The Army would only find out if the bailiffs turned up at the gate (and that has happened) or the Courts become involved in your financial affairs.

    However, if you are spending all your money in the first week of the month, how on earth will you survive the next 3 weeks? That will be noticed by your platoon staff, questions will be asked and both the Army and you might not like the answers! Excessive debt is an issue.

    It is easily written but I must make the point: sort it out before you arrive.

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    In Germany on my first cash payday I had 250 DM left at the end of the first week and 100 left at the end of the second despite the bean stealing pads trying to scrounge it all off me. After a few weeks like the rest of the lads I was brassic by day 3 after pay day!
  13. Yes, Ugly, but that was in the days when payday was every Thursday! :D

    Litotes (FFS, even when I joined up, payday was every 2nd Thursday!)