Financial Consent Order

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Gunner_REMF, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Any budding family lawyers out there (not barrackroom lawyers please)!! Just about to get decreee absolute (wey hey) 9th August 2012. I have been looking at getting a "clean Break" Financial Consent Order. The Ex and I have pretty much agreed who gets what i.e. she gets the house, I keep my penion etc. Absolutely astounded by local soliciotors saying they can draw it up from anything from £400+ VAT to £700 + VAT. Any serious ideas about keeping these ridiculous costs down.


  2. No, my consent order has just taken 18mths to get sorted out and will have cost me about £3k in total (I'm liable for her costs). What you've been quoted isn't bad.

    Don't be tempted to draw it up yourself as a judge is unlikely to accept it unless it's been gone through by solicitors on both sides to check it's fair to you both. You won't get the absolute until the judge has agreed it. Quicker and easier in the long run to get a solicitor to do it, even if the cost does make you squirm a bit.
  3. Financial Consent Order has no bearing on the "Absolute" that I have been assured. but thanks for your input mate.
  4. Mine cost £2k about 10 years ago. Took 9 months of 'discussions' to agree. She originaly wanted the house which I'd paid all the mortgage on, and 2/3 of my salary. She ended up with 50% of the house and 1/3 of my salary.
  5. First off, you can ask around if anyone has had any experience with the solicitors you mention. The Law Society (solicitor's governing body) may be a good resource for referrals. See if any solicitors offer a free consultation where you can get to meet them and check them out before signing the dotted line. Sorry, but I did legal aid criminal defence, which means I have little idea about engaging a solicitor as a client.

    You mention two orders, do you already have a solicitor? Why not go with the one you have if you do?

    Psychobabble is correct about drafting the order yourself--forget it.

    Otherwise, it's go with your gut feeling about which solicitor you would choose.

    I hope I was helpful. Best of luck.
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