Hi all,
what type of fines/finances/debt can have an adverse affect on your application. just had a final notice fine through the post and didn't know about it until now and have agreed to pay a set amount each month..

but do student loans/ overdrafts or anything like that have an effect on application/vetting..

any advice or experience would be great...

thanks all
Hey 9to5. I think debts will only rule you out if they were to result in you struggling to pay them back given your salary when joining. If you couldn't afford to join and pay back the debts then that would obviously be a problem. Take my situation for example. I'm paying roughly £300 each month in debt but I was told because during training my pay will be somewhere in the region of £750-£800 it isn't a problem. To be on the safe side though, I'm saving up as much as I can before I join just so I'm covered for any situation.
This needs to be discussed with your Recruiter, it all depends on type of debt and if your circumstances....if your paying over £250 a month on certain debts it may have to go further to SO2 Caseworker on a 203 with all the info and also would be scrutinised by ADSO. Remember your first 4-8 weeks you may only be getting around £50 a week cash payments until pay is sorted so you need back up plans.

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